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Clearspan Fabric Structures partners with AgriLab Technologies


Partnership will maximize green heat capture through aerobic composting

David Kuack | May 30, 2011

ClearSpan Fabric Structures, a division of ESAPCO, has formed a partnership with AgriLab Technologies, a company specializing in heat capture and transfer from aerobic composting. AgriLab’s ISOBAR technology moves heated vapor, averaging 120°F-150°F, produced by the composting process across closed-loop, gas-charged tubes to collect and capture the heat. The energy can be used for various purposes, potentially saving users thousands a year in propane and diesel fuel costs. The dried out compost can also be used as bedding, another expense that animal owners can now avoid.
AgriLab’s ISOBAR technology allows heat to be captured in a controlled environment. The compost bays must be covered, hence the partnership with ClearSpan. ClearSpan buildings provide the versatility necessary to maximize the benefits of AgriLab’s systems.

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