The 10 most read greenhouse stories from 2016

The 10 most read greenhouse stories from 2016

Catch up on the most popular articles from the past year.


Honeybees, succulents, the economy, mergers and poinsettias were trending this year. Catch up on the past year in horticulture with the 10 stories that caught the industry's eye in 2016.

1. Perfectly pinched poinsettias

2. University of Florida offers online greenhouse training courses

3. Downy mildew research findings released

4. University of Florida scientists work to preserve the endangered Ghost Orchid

5. USDA releases results of new survey on honey bee colony health

6. 7 mistakes leaders make that drive their staff to breaking points

7. The 12 jobs disappearing fastest in the U.S.

8. The allure of succulents

9. Video: Cultivate'16 Video Show Daily: Day 2

10. SBM Developpment Group purchasing Bayer Advanced, Bayer Garden

Photo: Cassie Neiden