Green industry jobs listed as best career path outside the office

Green industry jobs listed as best career path outside the office

According to a recent Lifehacker article, careers in gardening-related fields, nursery and greenhouse management have a "bright outlook" rating from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

June 21, 2017

Life tied to an office isn’t for everyone, and more people are looking for opportunities beyond the cubicle, according to a recent Lifehacker article. 

“We are seeing a preference to work remotely, or in the gig economy, and that’s especially true for young, educated Millennials in cities—and that’s usually the first place we see the evolution of the economy,” Andrew Hanson, a senior research analyst at the Center for Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, told Lifehacker.

The reasons people don’t want to hold an office job, however, vary from person to person. While some don’t want to stare at a computer all day, others want to spend their days outdoors, which is good news for garden center retailers. 

Lifehacker compiled a list of some of the best careers paths from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ ratings for “outdoor work” and “general physical activity.” The very first on the list was a career in gardening, grounds-keeping, and nursery and greenhouse management. 

“Nursery and greenhouse managing has a ‘bright outlook’ rating from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a 96 out of a 100 rating for work done out of doors,” Lifehacker reports. “Landscaping and groundskeeping is 100 out of 100 and also enjoys a bright outlook. Grounds maintenance is projected to grow by 7%, or about average, by 2024. If you’re a green-thumb kind of person and like being outside, this might be the career for you.”

Additionally, the article lists forestry as an option, saying conservation scientists and foresters have an average job outlook and good ratings on the Bureau of Labor Statistics for outdoors work. 

Other career paths listed include hospitality, teaching, construction, medicine and more. 

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Photo by Tracy Walsh