2017 Year in Review: Christopher J. Currey's 'Production Pointers' columns

2017 Year in Review: Christopher J. Currey's 'Production Pointers' columns

Revisit explanations of nitrogen differentiation, begonia flowering tips and more.

January 2, 2018
Patrick Williams
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2017 marked the beginning of Greenhouse Management's Production Pointers columns, a result of Dr. Christopher J. Currey, assistant professor of horticulture at Iowa State University, lending his expertise. Below, catch up on Currey's columns from all through last year.



How to adjust substrate pH with limestone

Substrate pH affects micronutrient availability in the root zone.



Using substrate drenches to apply growth regulators

One of the most important aspects of applying substrate drenches is selecting the right chemical or active ingredient.



Know your nitrogen

Understand the different forms of this chemical to determine the best fertilizer for your crop.



Short days for spring crops

Learn how to control flowering by both inducing and inhibiting it.



Summer celosia production for fall sales

Follow these tips to successfully produce celosia in the summer so you can expand your suite of flowering fall crops.



Control begonia flowering

Familiarize yourself with different types of popular begonias and how to manage their flowering.



Cool calceolaria

This cool-season crop could be a unique addition to your offerings.



Not all green is good!

Growers can reduce algae in the greenhouse with these guidelines.



Perfect your timing

Follow these steps to achieve the best results from your plant growth retardant applications on poinsettia crops.



Long days for greenhouse crops

Long days can have several effects on plant growth and development, most notably, flowering.



Automating irrigation

Overhead irrigation, substrate surface irrigation and subirrigation are three automated watering options for growers.



Toeing the line(er): keeping cuttings compact

By avoiding unwanted stretch, growers can produce a higher quality crop.


Photo: Christopher J. Currey

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