Sixth annual Indoor Ag-Con to feature workshops and plant factory tours

Sixth annual Indoor Ag-Con to feature workshops and plant factory tours

The event will take place May 2-3 in Las Vegas.

March 9, 2018
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LAS VEGAS — Indoor agriculture, the practice of growing crops using hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic techniques, is one of the fastest-growing areas of agriculture. Investors and large companies are joining the industry in record numbers as they recognize consumer demand for fresh, local produce anytime, anywhere. Indoor Ag-Con is the premier event covering the technology of growing crops in greenhouses, warehouses and containers, according to a press release. It is returning to Las Vegas for the sixth year in May 2018. This years’ event includes several new features; a new business track, mini workshops and a plant factory tour.

The two-day event will be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 2-3, 2018 and will include an exhibition hall and an exciting lineup of speakers including representatives from Autogrow, Fresh Box Farms, Microsoft, Plenty Ag, Priva, Square Roots and Urban Crop Solutions, among many others. We will be covering a broad range of crop types — such as, leafy greens, cannabis, insects, aquaculture and medicinal crops — as well as technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to LED lighting to control systems. Participants will receive an exclusive hard copy of the newest edition in our popular white paper series in the event gift bag, along with novel items such as insect-based snack bars. They will have the opportunity to network during the day, through our event app and at our afterparty in the exhibition hall on the first evening of the event. The event’s lead sponsors are CropKing and Plenty Ag, and other sponsors include Agrinamics, Autogrow, Fresh Box Farms, Joe Produce, Kennett Township, and Urban Crop Solutions.

The exhibition hall already includes companies such as Certon, Fluence Bioengineering, Illumitex and Priva. Options for exhibitors include furnished booths, product showcases and business suites in addition to regular ‘space only’ booths. Container farm suppliers again have dedicated pitches to showcase their products. The exhibition hall will also feature a dedicated media area for the first time this year. Further details on exhibiting can be found at

Indoor Ag-Con's sponsor, leading industry consultant CropKing, has long hosted well-regarded two and five-day workshops to get growers up and running in a commercial hydroponic greenhouse, according to the release. The CropKing team will be bringing that wisdom to Indoor Ag-Con in the form of half-day mini-workshops onsite. They're open exclusively to registered Indoor Ag-Con participants, and there's no additional charge.

In addition, the event is adding plant factory tours to the 6th Indoor Ag-Con thanks to sponsors SananBio and Oasis Biotech. They’ll be hosting free tours of the phase 1 launch at their new 215,000 sq/ft Las Vegas plant factory on May 4, exclusively for Indoor Ag-Con participants. Tours are on a first-come, first-served basis and will run on the hour from 9 a.m. to noon, and each tour is expected to last 30-40 minutes.

Participant Feedback: @IntravisionLS: The good folks at @indooragcon did it again. Great show in Singapore.

Indoor Ag-Con, which hosts meetings in Singapore and Philadelphia in addition to Las Vegas, is the leading convener of growers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, policy makers and investors involved in the indoor agriculture sector. Its audience includes greenhouse and vertical farm growers, technology companies, executives from the food and beverage sector, venture firms, startups and established urban farmers. Since it was founded in 2013, Indoor Ag-Con has captured an international audience at all its events, attracting some of the top names in the business. Events have welcomed over 2,500 participants from more than 20 countries.

Newbean Capital, the host of the conference is a registered investment advisor; some of its clients or potential clients may participate in the conference. The company is ably assisted in the event’s production by Origin Event Planning and Freeman.

Sixth Annual Indoor Ag-Con
Date – May 2-3, 2018
Place – South Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, N.V.
Booths – Available at
Registration – currently open to the general public from US$399
Features – Two-day seminar, with keynote speakers, exhibition hall, after-party, and optional mini-workshop and plant factory tour
For more information, please visit or call +1. 877.609.6202

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