August's 7 most-read stories

August's 7 most-read stories

See which headlines have generated the most buzz over the past 30 days.

August 30, 2016
Cassie Neiden
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From poinsettia pests, to online greenhouse training, to the new Department of Labor overtime rule, these were the most popular posts with readers during the month of August: 

1. The Twitter25 of 2016

Presenting 25 of the best green industry Twitter accounts of the past year.

2. Protect your poinsettias

Get to know these pesky root, leaf and bract poinsettia pests and how to keep them at bay.

3. Congress introduces bill to ease overtime rule

The bill proposes an incremental, not immediate increase in the threshold for exempt employees.

4. Study says neonicotinoid pesticides are a low risk to honey bees

The research looked at bees in urban, rural and agricultural areas.

5. Pennsylvania company plans marijuana greenhouse

Medical marijuana became legal in the state last April.

6. University of Florida announces online greenhouse training

The course will cover topics such as water quality, plant species and more.

7. Dramm introduces new Ferticart

The FC50-A works with injectors to provide an agitated or aerated stock solution.


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