All-America Selections introduces 11 AAS winners for the 2017 garden season

All-America Selections introduces 11 AAS winners for the 2017 garden season

Winning varieties include Dianthus Supra Pink, Fennel Antares, Pepper Mad Hatter and more.

November 15, 2016
Press Release

November 15, 2016 – All-America Selections, the only non-profit trialing organization for plants that demonstrate great garden performance throughout North America, presents eleven exciting new AAS Winners for the 2017 garden season. Each of the following varieties was trialed in North America by professional, independent, volunteer judges during one growing season. Each was trialed next to comparison varieties that are considered best-in-class among those currently on the market.

This group of AAS Winners for 2017 includes:
Dianthus Supra Pink F1 (National)
Fennel Antares F1 (National)
Geranium Calliope® Medium Dark Red (National)
Penstemon Twizzle Purple (Regional – Heartland and Southeast)
Pepper Mad Hatter F1 (National)
Tomato Chef’s Choice Yellow F1 (Regional – Southeast)
Tomato Patio Choice Yellow F1 (National)
Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor (National)
Vinca Mega Bloom Orchid Halo F1 (National)
Vinca Mega Bloom Pink Halo F1 (National)
Zinnia Profusion Red (National)

The first group of AAS Winners for 2017 were announced in July 2016, including: 
Celosia Asian Garden (National)
Okra Candle Fire F1 (National)
Pea Patio Pride (Regional)
Squash Honeybaby F1 (Regional)
Watermelon Mini Love F1 (National)

This brings the grand total to sixteen AAS Winners for 2017. Links on each breeding company name below lead to the appropriate email address for ordering that variety. Brokers, growers, mail order and seed packet companies can purchase these varieties immediately. Retailers and consumers will find these AAS Winners for sale for the 2017 gardening season as supply becomes available throughout the chain of distribution. Garden communicators are free to begin writing about these varieties now to build anticipation for 2017 gardens. Each AAS Winner will be marketed through an extensive Social Media and public relations campaign.

• A complete list of AAS trial judges can be found here.
• A complete list of all AAS Display gardens can be found here. Display Gardens grow, label and display AAS Winners.
• PowerPoint presentations are available for download on the AAS SlideShare account or on the AAS website
• Bench cards and variety markers can be downloaded from the AAS website; posters can be ordered from