AmericanHort to host free webinar about new trucking regulations

AmericanHort to host free webinar about new trucking regulations

The webinar will feature Andy Bruney from T. Load Specialties and AmericanHort's Tal Coley.

March 6, 2018
Press Release

COLUMBUS, Ohio – AmericanHort will host a free webinar about the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate and the impact on the horticulture industry on Thursday, March 15 at 2:30 p.m.

The webinar will feature Andy Bruney from T. Load Specialties, who will share insights to help business owners manage the newly-enacted trucking regulations. T. Load Specialities, a transportation company in Columbus, Ohio, has more than 25 years of experience in coordinating truck load shipments throughout the United States, specializing in a multitude of freight categories, including nursery and agricultural products.

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“The purpose of this presentation will be to help shippers and receivers alike be more prepared for the upcoming season as motor carriers and logistics providers face new regulations as well as an April 1st deadline for compliance,” said Ken Fisher, president and CEO of AmericanHort. “We’ve seen in the recent Industry Insider Report on Profit Margin, that rising transportation costs are a key contributor to the margin squeeze businesses in our industry are feeling. The webinar should help our industry businesses become smarter in handling transportation and logistics challenges.”

Bruney has been with T. Load Specialities nearly a decade, putting his knowledge of plants and field experience to work as he focuses on providing logisitics services to the horticulture industry. A graduate of The Ohio State University’s Horticulture program with field experience as a landscaper and professional horticulturist, Bruney will provide a closer look at the impact on the horticulture industry and illustrate how these new laws are impacting the process of shipping and receiving products in our industry.

The webinar presentation will include:

- General background information on the ELD mandate/hours of service rules
- How these new regulations will affect the logistics industry as a whole
- The industry impacts in particular, and illustrate what impact these new regulations will have with the process of shipping and receiving various industry products

AmericanHort’s director of government affairs, Tal Coley, will also participate in the webinar, providing insights from Washington, D.C.

The webinar is free, yet pre-registration is required by March 14 at

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