App-licable technology

We’ve rounded up 5 mobile apps that will help manage your work flow.

December 16, 2015

Keeping track of time can be difficult when you’re running back and forth between your greenhouse and office. But there are tools out in cyberspace designed to make your to-do list actually doable. Here are five apps that will enable you to work smarter.   

1.       Evernote

We’ve all had that brilliant idea that we lose if we don’t write it down. This app stores those ideas, communicates them with your team members. You may subscribe to different packages, but the free and basic package has plenty of usable features, like a “to do” list that you can check off as you complete tasks. The best perk, however, is its ability to sync, which means you can access those ideas on your desktop when you’re back at the office, or at home on your iPad for reference. You’ll also be able to message back and forth with your colleagues to get instant feedback on ideas if you’re not near your email.
2.       Shoeboxed
In the digital age, there’s no need to keep your receipts that take up space and visually clutter your desk. Meaning, it’s time to get rid of the Rolodex. This free app frees up desk room with the ability to scan receipts, business cards, tax forms, expense reports -- you name it -- into organized, archived databases. And if you shop online, it will automatically archive receipts sent to your Gmail account.
3.       Focus Booster
After a distraction, it takes about 25 minutes to get back on track, according to Focus Booster’s website. This app (with a free “Starter” version), times your tasks, and reports back to you with charts that will visually show you how you spent your time on any particular day. One of its greatest features is the Pomodoro timer, which delegates times for you to work in short bursts, followed by a little break, to help you work more productively.
4.       Boomerang
Do you ever have those moments where you have something to say, but don’t want to say it right now? If you use Gmail, you can add the Boomerang feature to schedule an email for later. It also gives you the filtering option to keep messages out of your inbox until they’re useful to you, and will offer you reminders if you don’t hear back from your recipients.
5.       Keeper
Raise your hand if you’ve ever clicked “Reset Password” when you couldn’t remember the complex letter-and-number combo you concocted to keep your logins hack-proof. We know it happens all too often. The app lets you store all of your passwords securely, only allowing access through fingerprint identification.