2017 Spring Trials Day 3: Toucans, orchids, fiery begonias and a birthday

2017 Spring Trials Day 3: Toucans, orchids, fiery begonias and a birthday

Day 3 featured stops at Dümmen Orange, Floricultura and Sakata Seed America.


California Spring Trials attendees coming from the north and south crossed paths on day 3, the midway point of our journey.

Bird-themed planters made from recycled tires greeted us at Edna Valley Vineyard, Dümmen Orange's home for the week.

The toucan and ostrich planters complemented the "Wild Romance" theme inspired by Dümmen Orange's introduction of Wild Romance New Guinea Impatiens in White and Blush Pink that boast big, semi-double blooms.

Our next stop was an orchid greenhouse, Floricultura, which hosted Flamingo Holland, Westhoff, Beekenkamp, Plug Connection, Gediflora and PAC-Elsner. Typically, Plug Connection showcases only finished plants, but this year they decided to present what the company does best: plugs, set in an attractive, wood-framed vertical display (see above photo). The renewed focus on plug production is in part due to Altman Plants' recent acquisition of Plug Connection and the decision to expand that part of the business.

Flamingo Holland announced a new partnership that will provide growers with Phalaenopsis flask, liner and pre-spiked options through Floricultura.

Westhoff debuted new begonias in the Rise Up collection, including Coral Reef, and the Shine Bright series.

We finished the day at Windmill Nursery. Kiwi Flora gave a sneak peek of future introductions, including Beach Ball pittosporum, which will be released in 2019 through the Sunset Western Garden Collection.

Sakata Seed America, celebrating its 40th anniversary in North America, not only debuted new varieties, but also demonstrated its SuperCal series' ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

MasterTag and Summit Plastic Company displayed their new seasonal pot and tray options for growers and retailers looking to keep things fresh from spring through fall.

Day 3 Videos: