Cultivate'17 preview

Cultivate'17 preview

Prepare for the horticulture industry's biggest summer trade show with our guide.

July 6, 2017
Matt McClellan

From July 15-18, an estimated 10,000 members of the green industry will converge on the Columbus Convention Center to visit more than 600 exhibitors.

There's something for every member of the horticulture supply chain at the Ohio-based trade show, from growers to retailers and landscapers and even the the end consumer.

Over the course of the event, visitors have the option to attend more than 150 educational seminars that cover all facets of the industry, as well as separate tours to greenhouse and nursery operations.

Nursery growers can view our picks for the best nursery and business-related educational sessions here.

Cultivate is operated by AmericanHort. Times and locations are subject to change, so please pick up a show guide at the convention center for final session locations.

We interviewed several of the presenters about their sessions. The sneak peeks are available as Q&As in our June issue.

Lloyd Traven, owner of Peace Tree Farm in Bucks County, Pa., will share his cost accounting method in a session at Cultivate’17 to help other growers go beyond guesswork to calculate costs accurately.

Craig Regelbrugge will explain what’s happening in Washington and share how growers are exploring new ways to overcome workforce challenges. 

Shannon Currey, marketing director at Hoffman Nursery in Rougemount, N.C., will explain the potential that green infrastructure holds for the industry, and to offer tips for discovering opportunities locally.

Kim Lovelace-Young, vice president and general manager at Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC)  SANC pilot program Forrest Keeling Nursery, will join consultant Jerry Lee and Dana Rhodes, SANC program chair at the National Plant Board, in a panel discussion to explain how this collaboration benefits nurseries. 

Of course, it's not all education. There's a huge trade show happening on the floor of the convention center. Get the best out of it with these tips.

There will be plenty of networking in Columbus as well, including the Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards reception. Expect a full report on that in our July issue. Another big event is the Emergent Honors, which takes place Sunday, July 15 after the CareerUP day of education and inspiration. Learn about the winners of the first Emergent Honors in this article. Lindsey Kerr and Caleb Melchoir, as well as many other Emergent professionals will be in attendance.

Once Cultivate'17 begins, keep an eye on the Videos section of our website for daily coverage.