Dümmen Orange and Jan Spek Rozen partner in global operations

Dümmen Orange and Jan Spek Rozen partner in global operations

Olij Breeding BV, which recently integrated into Dümmen Orange, has signed a new contract with Jan Spek Rozen.

March 9, 2017
Press Release

DE LIER/BOSKOOP, THE NETHERLANDS – The partnership between Olij Breeding BV and Jan Spek Rozen was recently extended with the signing of a new contract. Following the integration of Olij Breeding BV into Dümmen Orange, this expands the two companies’ collaboration into even more areas of expertise.

Under the new contract, Dümmen Orange is now the agent for Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Poland, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Dümmen Orange has also signed a distribution agreement with Jan Spek Rozen for a number of countries worldwide.

"The international nature of Dümmen Orange gives us access to a large network with plenty of potential," said Erik Spek, director of Jan Spek Rozen. "We are delighted with the new arrangement and have great expectations for the future.”

Key principles of the collaboration are continuity of service for customers and optimization of growing conditions. The Dümmen Orange GreenCare program will be implemented at all production sites to ensure that crops are grown in optimal conditions.

“The Jan Spek Rozen range has great value to us and our customers," said Philippe Veys, global product manager roses at Dümmen Orange. "It offers both companies opportunities to improve and build on quality and reliability in production. Our market expertise coupled with our infrastructure at various sites will enable our customers to benefit even more from this collaboration.”

Over the next few months the two companies will focus on marketing the product assortment and informing customers about the opportunities presented by the collaboration. The Jan Spek Rozen range will be showcased to customers as part of Dümmen Orange’s marketing activities.