FlowerTrials attracts 13 percent more visitors

FlowerTrials attracts 13 percent more visitors

The European trials had 7,365 registered visitors from 67 countries.

July 3, 2016
Press Release

With 7,365 registered visitors from 67 countries, the FlowerTrials reports 2016 as a record year. The number of locations visited increased by 10 percent with 32,286 individual visits being registered, an average of almost 4.5 per person.  As many locations host several breeders, the average number of companies visited per person is significantly higher. European visitors showed a considerable increase and there was a surge in the interest from Asia, Canada and South America echoing the general trend that FlowerTrials is a key floricultural event worldwide.

Westland remains key, Aalsmeer and Rheinland Westfalen increase strongly

In The Netherlands, the Westland continues to attract the largest majority of visitors with 70 percent making the trip to this area. With eight additional exhibitors, the Aalsmeer region saw its visiting numbers climbing by no less than 25 percent. In Germany, the Rheinland Westfalen region saw a 30 percent rise in the number of visitors. With all breeders now in closer proximity, this area has become more attractive to visit.

“I want to congratulate all 52 members on maintaining such a high standard of exhibits,” said Gill Corless, Chairwoman of the FlowerTrials Board. “The fact that visitors from the retail and trade sectors are up shows that the exhibitors continue to adapt their presentations to attract visitors from all sectors of the market.  The collective spirit of all FlowerTrials members continues to make week 24 an exceptional event.”

FlowerTrials exhibitors open their doors next year from June 13-16 2017.