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How The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery upgraded its website

February 5, 2013
Laura Allen

Six years ago, The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery’s website was created by Manager Nicholas Catanoso with a homemade program you can purchase at local office stores. But after two years, Catanoso knew it was time for an upgrade.

“We’re a fairly large company, and I just thought it was the right thing to do as far as having a professional website. The Internet is one of the greatest marketing tools now because that’s the way everyone is going, and it only makes sense to go that way,” he says.

He says they receive a lot of inquiries through email.

“I wanted to be able to direct them to a place where we have a portfolio of our pictures, background of our company and just a nice, professional setup that they can look at and know that they’re dealing with a good company,” he says.

Once deciding it was time to make a change, Catanoso went on Google and searched for “New Jersey web designers,” which turned out to be the toughest part in updating the site.

“I think the hardest thing was finding the right company because there are so many,” he says. “But once we found the company and started dealing with them, everything was pretty straightforward.”

Catanoso spent about a week searching for a web designer and decided on Graphic D-Signs. He says the company asked for a substantial amount of information about The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery, as well as photos of the business. Catanoso knew what specific things he wanted the website to include, such as the different divisions within the company and explanations for each of them. Graphic D-Signs handled the rest.

“They basically take all that information and put together a presentation and see what [you] think,” he says. “We were working together hand-in-hand through the whole process.”

The Garden Greenhouse & Nursery is happy with the results, and its Internet presence has been a positive asset for the business.

“If you want to stay competitive, you want to stay one step ahead, [then] I think you have to go with the times,” he says. “Maybe 10 years ago it wasn’t that big of a deal to have a presence on the Internet, but I think right now it’s extremely important.”

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