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March 10, 2015
GM Staff


German-made ACRYLITE is made with clarity, high-light transmission, strength, durability and energy-saving features in mind.

Commercial greenhouse growers know that controlling and optimizing growing conditions is crucial to the success of their business. ACRYLITE puts the grower in control and provides return on investment over decades of use.

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Solexx is designed to be strong and durable and not to tear, so growers don’t have to deal with the constant patching and replacing associated with polyethylene film. Solexx is warranted for 10 years against UV.

With its high-energy efficiency, Solexx qualifies for the USDA Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative to encourage the use of more sustainable high tech materials. Growers transitioning from polyethylene film to Solexx may qualify to receive advance payment up to 50 percent through the USDA EQIP financial aid program to help ease the expense of installation costs. For more information,

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