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June 2, 2014
GM Staff

Cascadias ‘Autumn Mystery’ petunia

Danziger’s Cascadias ‘Autumn Mystery’ petunia has a semitrailing, branched habit. Flowers are large and numerous. Autumn Mystery’s colors change as they mature, creating a multicolor view ranging from green yellow with a brown center, to yellow cream with a purple center. The plant flowers early and continuously.

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‘Ramblin’ Amethyst’ petunia

An addition to the spreading seed petunias series, Syngenta’s Ramblin’ Amethyst is a reliable variety. It features jewel-toned flowers with purple veins that sit atop a well-mounded habit. With early and controlled vigor for finish, Ramblin’ can be produced in time for spring sales.

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‘Sunkissed Lime’ geum

Bright lime foliage and orange flowers cover the ‘Sunkissed Lime.’ Geum adds a touch of color to the late spring garden. Flower stems remain short. ‘Sunkissed Lime’ has plentiful flowers and sun-tolerant foliage. Hardy for Zones 5-8. The plant needs sun to part shade for light.

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‘Supertunia Limoncello’ petunia

Supertunia Limoncello petunia from Proven Winners has soft yellow blooms and replaces Supertunia Citrus in the Proven Winners’ petunia lineup. It offers increased vigor and an increased tolerance to cool temperatures, with strong branches and the same habit and disease resistance as other Supertunia. The plant has good heat tolerance, with a spread of 20-28 inches and a height of 10-15 inches. Limoncello petunia prefers full sun.

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Easy Elegance ‘Sunrise Sunset’ shrub rose

Sunrise Sunset is a blend with fuchsia-pink petals, blending to apricot near the centers. Blue-green foliage is disease-resistant on this ever-blooming shrub rose. Its dense, spreading habit makes it a good groundcover and is well-suited for mass plantings. It is a vigorous grower, even in Zone 4.

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‘Landscape Bandana’ lantana

Introduced at Spring Trials, the Landscape Bandana lantana series from Syngenta Flowers has been bred for improved branching when compared to non-trailing varieties. Its growth and size allow it to spread up to 36 inches. Landscape Bandana features a large amount of blooms that will bring color to retail centers. This variety is good for tough landscapes and does well in hot and humid climates. Landscape Bandana is available in Pink, Red, Yellow and Gold Improved.

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‘Little Devil’ ninebark

This improvement in ninebark from First Editions has an upright spreading habit and textured, dark foliage that sets it apart from other ninebark. It is also mildew-resistant, so it doesn’t turn into a powdery white eyesore in your garden or shrub border. Clusters of small purplish-white flowers in June contrast nicely with the burgundy foliage. This plant adapts to wet or dry soil.

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