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July 14, 2014
GM Staff
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‘Love and Wishes’ and ‘Ember’s Wish’ salvias

Cousins of the ‘Wendy’s Wish’ salvia, these quick growers are good for adding color to landscapes and perform well in full-sun to part-shade. These salvias have bright flowers and long bloom seasons (year round in frost-free climates).

Love and Wishes and Ember’s Wish salvias are characterized by their size (3 feet wide by 3 to 4 feet high) and heat tolerance. The purples of “Love and Wishes” and the bright coral blooms of “Ember’s Wish” form balls of color and will enhance gardens with no pruning or deadheading.

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Begonia Cocoa ‘Enchanted Sunrise’

The newest addition to the Begonia Cocoa series is ‘Enchanted Sunrise’. It has dark cocoa-brown foliage, green veins and large, single, salmon-orange flowers growing in an outward facing cluster. ‘Enchanted Sunrise’ is an upright plant that makes a good house plant. It has a long blooming season and can flower during the winter if kept indoors. Average height/width/ floral height: 24, 14, and 24 inches, and it grows best in zones 9-11.

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New Guinea Impatiens ‘Sun Harmony Scarlet’

The ‘Sun Harmony Scarlet’ from Danziger features large scarlet flowers against contrasting green leaves. The plant blooms continuously and profusely from early spring to fall. Sun Harmony Scarlet features appealing mounded growth habit. Sun Harmony Scarlet has good garden performance in sun or partial shade.

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