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August 6, 2014
GM Staff

Lobularia ‘Bicolor Pink Stream’

Lobularia ‘Bicolor Pink Stream’ is the new addition to Danziger’s Stream series. Decorative, delicate pink flowers bloom continuously on a ball-shaped plant. Pink Stream is heat- tolerant and has a semitrailing habit. It is ideal as a filler in mixed containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Pink Stream is fast growing and performs well in heat and rain.

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Landscape Bandana lantana series

A new series from Syngenta Flowers, Landscape Bandana lantana is a trailing series that has been bred for increased flower size and improved branching. It spreads up to 36 inches and is perfect for filling landscapes and large containers. Landscape Bandana expands the Heat Lovers collection as a result of its performance in hot, humid conditions. The new series features four striking colors – Pink, Red, Yellow and Gold Improved – that give a fresh look during warm summer months.

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First Editions Phlox

This collection of phlox from First Editions is resistant to mildew and provide months of color and fragrance, which attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The collection provides a variety of color: Cotton Candy is a soft pink with cotton candy centers; Grape Lollipop has grape-colored blooms with red eyes; Bubblegum boasts pink blossoms accentuated by dark pink eyes; Coral Crème Drop shows coral blooms with rosy eyes.

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Coleus Wildfire ‘Smoky Rose’

Coleus Wildfire ‘Smoky Rose’ is part of the new Coleus Wildfire series. It has dark leaves with pink centers. ‘Smoky Rose’ is fast-growing with bushy, dense foliage that works great for bordering. The dramatically cut leaves and mounding habit also make it suitable for containers. Average size is 8 inches high and 24 inches wide. ‘Smoky Rose’ grows best in zones 10-11.

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Gaillardia ‘Fanfare Citronella’

Planthaven has released ‘Fanfare Cintronella,’ a bright yellow Gaillardia with a long flowering period. Fanfare has a compact mounding habit of 21 inches by 16 inches. The plant is drought-tolerant once established. Fanfare is ideal for containers, beds, and borders. Fanfare is very floriferous.

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Petunia Cascadias ‘Autumn Mystery’

Danzinger’s ‘Autumn Mystery’ has a semitrailing, branched habit. Flowers are large and abundant. Autumn Mystery’s colors change as they mature, for a multicolor view ranging from green yellow with a brown center to yellow cream with a purple center. The plant flowers early and continuously.

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