PlantHaven’s ‘Fanfare Citronella’

Departments - Culture

August 18, 2015
GM Staff

PlantHaven’s ‘Fanfare Citronella’ has unique, yellow pinwheel flowers that are great for picking. ‘Fanfare Citronella’ is also drought tolerant and blooms non-stop in California. This variety fits well in pots and containers, garden borders, modern landscapes and as a long-lasting cut flower.

Top three tips for finishing success

  1. Grow outside in a moderate to full sun location.
  2. Use a fast draining medium. Water thoroughly (drench) and allow to dry slightly between waterings.
  3. Use 72 to 128 plugs.



  • Production temperature: 65 to 72°F (18 to 22°C)
  • Facility: Outside
  • Light levels: Moderate to full sun
  • pH: 5.5 to 6.2
  • Potting medium: Fast-draining commercial medium
  • Fertilizer: Osmocote 12 to 14 month release
  • Irrigation requirement: Water thoroughly (drench) and allow to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Trimming/pinching: Trim at potting.
  • Vernalization: Not necessary
  • Additional comments: High feed will encourage continued blooming and good foliage color.
  • Pests & disease: Spray with fungicides, especially during cool, wet or high humidity periods.
  • Finishing time (in weeks): 1 quart: 6 to 8 weeks; 1 gallon: 12 to 14 weeks