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Here’s your chance to expand your mix of indoor plants with the latest releases from breeders around the world.

October 9, 2009
David Kuack

Aloe 'Christmas Carol'
Alstroemeria Princess Lilies Line
Azalea Keepsake Majesty
Begonia  Red Baron 
 Begonia Marmaduke
 Chrysanthemum Carillon
 Cineraria Venezia  Delft Blue with Ring
 Cordyline 'Renegade'
 Crassula corymbulosa Shark's Tooth
 Cyclamen Super Series Michelangelo Salmon Red
 Dianthus Super Trouper Red+White
 Dracaena 'Hawaiian Sunshine'
 Epiprenum 'N-Joy'
 Geranium Solstice Pink Azalea
 Gerbera Crazy Daisy Eyecatcher
 Gerbera Durora series
 Gerbera Flori Line Mini Double Bicolor Red-White
 Gerbera Mega Revolution Purple Shades
 Gloxinia Multi Bells Cherry
 Guzmania 'Meteor'
 Helianthus Miss Sunshine
 Kalanchoe Calandiva Tylo
 Orchid 'Fancy Fresco'
 Pepper (Capsicum) 'Maya Uchu'
 Poinsettia Polar Bear
 Ranunculus 'Magic Yellow'
 Rose Isabel Patiohit
 Syngonium Cheery and Strawberry Cream
Bred and produced from tissue culture by Rancho Tissue Technologies, the small-sized ‘Christmas Carol’ displays spectacular color. Trimmed in bright red, the deep green leaves also feature vibrant dark red spots along the centers of the leaves. Best in 4- to 6-inch pots, it has indoor or outdoor use. Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11.

Lilian is the latest addition to Van Zaten Plants’ Princess Lilies line. The compact plants can be used in containers and in landscape beds. Lilian produces 2½- to 3-inch lilac flowers on 10-14 inch tall plants.

‘Pizzazz’ from Oglesby Plants International produces numerous brilliant red flowers perfectly placed above glossy green foliage. Extensive grow trials have shown that ‘Pizzazz’ is a relatively fast and easy to grow anthurium which exhibits early flowering and excellent disease resistance. Flowers are long lasting and the color is vivid even during summer temperatures. It is recommended for 6- to 8-inch containers.

Aris has introduced three new cultivars to its Keepsake line. These florist quality plants, which are available year-round, are ideal for the indoor or patio use. They are not hardy outdoors at temperatures below 30°F.

Diva produces ruffled pink double hose-in-hose blooms that are 3¼- to 3½-inches wide. This medium forcer has a six-week shelf life. Tiffany has single 3-inch wide flowers that are tipped in deep mauve. It is a medium forcer with excellent keeping quality. Majesty has very dark purple 3½-inch wide semi-double flowers. It is a medium forcer with excellent keeping quality.

Terra Nova Nurseries has introduced two new begonias:
‘Marmaduke’ produces maple shaped leaves that have red splashing over a yellow-green background. This mounding begonia can be used as a summer annual or house plant. Its tall white flower spikes add a great bonus in winter. It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-13. The Royal Horticultural Society gave ‘Marmaduke’ an Award of Garden Merit.

‘Silver Splendor’ was bred by Dan Heims from hardy Chinese species. This 24-inch tall by 18-inch wide upright begonia produces smooth, platinum splashed, palmate leaves that look like a silver-leafed Japanese maple. It has candy pink heart-shaped flowers that emerge in late summer. It has not been fully cold-tested yet so it is being offered as a tropical. It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones: 10-13.

Red Baron from Dummen USA is an easy-to-grow hiemalis begonia with intense red flowers. It fits with elona types for timing and is comparable to other red varieties in earliness.

‘Gold Crown’ and ‘Alpine’ from Golden State Bulb Growers are the newest Callafornia Calla releases. ‘Gold Crown,’ which is best suited for large pots/specimen containers, produces numerous tall, rich, golden-yellow stems with nearly all flowers reaching A-grade stature and head size. It also has a relatively short production schedule. ‘Alpine’ is a naturally compact creamy-white with durable foliage and flowers. It is well-suited for 6-inch and larger size pots. It can be grown without growth regulators.

Carex trifida ‘Rekohu Sunrise’ from PlantHaven is a distinguished New Zealand variety that has an upright, arching habit forming an elegant mound. It reaches 20 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Broad, mid-green blades are edged with a striking gold margin. As the plant matures, a glaucous tone on the underside adds to the overall effect. It produces chestnut brown spikelets in late season. This sturdy plant is quick to divide, fast growing and trouble free. It has an excellent shelf life. Use in containers, borders, and window boxes. Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11.

GroLink is offering several new incurve varieties that can be grown pinched or straight up. All can be grown one cutting per 4- or 4½-inch pot or multiple cuttings in larger pots.
‘Gusli’ produces large, full, yellow incurve flowers. It is a short, eight week variety. ‘Lollipop Yellow’ has very large, yellow, spider flowers. It has an eight week response and has medium vigor. ‘Carillon’ is a nine week, medium vigor variety. It has large, full, orange/bronze incurve flowers. Medium vigor ‘Belcanto’ has very large, full, bronze incurve flowers with a nine week response time. ‘Lyre’ produces large full white incurve flowers. It has a nine week response time and medium vigor. Medium vigor ‘Virginal’ is a nine week variety with very large, pure white incurve flowers.

Delft Blue with Ring is the latest addition to Syngenta Flowers’s Venezia F1 hybrid series. Plants don’t require a cold treatment to initiate flowering, so programming is a snap. The series offers an ideal combination of earliness, a great habit and broad color range.

Cordyline banksii x australis Renegade (‘Tana’) from PlantHaven is set apart from other cordyline selections by its tight, clump-forming habit. The broad, dark purple-black foliage is accented with a glossy iridescent lacquered finish. It can be used in commercial landscapes, home gardens and in patio containers. Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11. It does best in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.

Crassula corymbulosa Shark’s Tooth from Ball FloraPlant produces triangular, overlapping medium green leaves that redden in the sun. Its cascading habit works well in mixed containers and baskets and it also makes a nice indoor plant. Plants grow to a height of 6 to 10 inches and a width of 14 to 24 inches.

Syngenta Flowers has made additions to two of its series.
Salmon Flame joins the Concerto series, which offers a uniform habit, bloom window, leaf size and form. Plants produce large, perfectly formed flowers.
Victoria is the latest addition to the Delma series. It produces unique white flowers fringed with burgundy edges. Plants match the habit and flower size of the Concerto series, but with a two to three week longer crop time.;

The new Sierra Synchro series from Goldsmith Seeds features large and long-lasting blooms creating stunning displays. This F1 standard cyclamen series contains eight of the most uniform, well-matched colors of the Sierra series. Plants, which bloom under cool and mild winter conditions,are perfect for tabletop décor and gifts.

Hem Genetics has introduced two new series and made an improvement to an existing series.

The new Midola F1 intermediate series is a uniform early flowering series for pot and landscape use. Colors include Scarlet, Salmon, Pink with Eye, Rose, Purple and White.

Jardina is a new F1 series for landscape and patio use. Early flowering plants have a compact habit and excellent outdoor performance. Colors include Scarlet, Rose, White, Purple and a Formula Mixture.

Scarlet has been improved for color and plant habit in Hem Genetics’ miniature F1 Minola series. Centrally held fragrant flowers bloom abundantly over a long period of time.

Morel Diffusion has added several new varieties.

There are two additions to the Metis series. Victoria 4701 is especially adapted for 2½- to 4-inch pots. It flowers 29 weeks after sowing. Plants have a round and compact habit and produce a central bouquet of 100 percent white-eyed flowers with magenta and purple fringes. Victoria Salmon & Rose 4740 is more suited for pots with smaller diameters. These solid, early flowering, uniform plants have consistent growth and produce salmon and fuchsia flowers.

Additions to the Tianis series include two bicolors that have very round habit. Fantasia Scarlet is a very bright scarlet with a contrasting white edge. Fantasia Deep Rose, which is an improvement of Fantasia Rose, has central flowering, a strong contrasting bicolor and produces many small leaves. Tianis Rose with Eye Picotee is very early flowering with a solid and consistent structure. Its bright and elegant flowers have a darker edge in cooler growing conditions. Tianis Neon Rose has abundant and central flowering. Plants have a round and compact habit and produce very dark foliage that contrasts well with the flowers’ intense rose color.

Schoneveld Twello has introduced new F1 series and made additions to existing series.

The new marble-leafed mini Super Series Michelangelo combines the best attributes of the Super Series Compact with its many flowers and the Super Series Mini Winter’s open plant structure. Michelangelo plants have a round structure, strong, firm flower stems and uniform abundant blooms. They can be grown year-round in 3- to 4-inch pots. Michelangelo is available in five colors.

Super Series Da Vinci is a new silver-leaved series with a round plant structure, thick strong flower stems and long-lasting, abundant flowers. Similar to the green leaf Super Series Compact, they can be produced simultaneously. Da Vinci has six colors.

The new silver leaf Super Series Picasso is based on the existing Mini Winter series. Both have a more open structure, so plants do well in more humid conditions. Picasso, which has seven colors, is exceptionally suited for outdoor use.

The new Super Series Allure consists of medium size plants with medium-sized flowers, uniform flowering with strong stems and a compact structure. The series, which has nine colors, was developed for growing in warm seasons and smaller pot sizes.

Super Series Mini Winter has proven itself for outdoor use. The series has 13 colors including the improved Dark Violet and Wine Red Flamed. The series was developed especially for late season production under lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Wine Red Flamed is new to the Super Series Verano, which now has 13 colors. Flowering is not delayed when grown in extremely warm conditions and the plant structure remains perfectly round. The plants have thick flower stems and a long flowering period. The series’ very uniform flowering makes it extremely suitable for a tight production schedule. This series also was a strong performer in the company’s outdoor trials.

Selecta First Class has two added two bicolors to its Dianthus caryophyllus SuperTrouper series: Red + White and Pink + White. SuperTrouper offers a total of 15 colors, all scented and hardy to USDA Hardiness Zone 5. They have a medium vigor, are well branching and will fill 4- to 5-inch pots easily. SuperTrouper can be used as a flowering pot plant for early spring sales, Easter, Mother’s Day and fall sales and even as a garden plant.

‘Splash’ from Oglesby Plants International has a familiar leaf variegation pattern placed on a larger plant structure which allows growers container size flexibility than smaller varieties. It is a fast growing, upright plant with a good branching habit. It is suitable for 6-, 8- and 10-inch containers.

‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ from Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery has a variegation pattern similar to Dracaena massangeana and is a stable sport of Dracaena ‘Lisa’. It is superior to D. massangeana due to its excellent durability in the interior, smaller leaf size, darker glossy green leaves and retention of its chartreuse variegation under interior conditions. ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ has a more manageable, smaller overall size. It offers a pleasing shape performing well as a single or multi cane finished product. Plants root easily and establish well in 6-inch to 20-gallon pots. ‘Hawaiian Sunshine’ grows well under field, greenhouse and interiorscape conditions, accepting versatile light conditions from full sun to shade.

Epipremnum ‘N-Joy’ from Fleurizon LLC is a plant bred and selected in India. In development for more than five years, the plant produces soft green white variegation all over the leaves. It is suitable for production in 4- to 6-inch pots and grows slightly slower than the normal green Epipremnum.

Breathless from Ball FloraPlant is an elegant and durable new series that includes the only red-flushed leaf form (Blush) on the market along with White. Heat-tolerant plants display a showy mass of self-cleaning flowers and have low-water needs. Plants reach 8-12 inches tall and 20-24 inches wide. Blush is very durable, tolerating a wider variety of growing conditions.

Euphorbia ‘Hip Hop’ from GroLink has a full, mounding habit and is heat- and drought-tolerant. It has nice green foliage and non-stop white flowers. It is an excellent annual for the landscape or in combinations for the spring or mixed with poinsettias for Christmas sales.

The Candy Flower regal geranium series from Ball FloraPlant includes Bicolor, Bright Eye, Dark Red, Pink with Eye and Violet. These floriferous plants have a medium habit reaching 10-20 inches tall and spread of 12-20 inches. They can be grown cool for energy savings. Plants are also a real standout in the garden.

Added to Green Fuse Botanicals Solstice regal geranium series is Pink Azalea, which adds a new flare with rose, pink and white tones. White with Rose Eye Improved has a larger plant structure that more closely matches the other colors in the series.

Dummen’s Grandiosa series is an interspecific cross between three species. Plants root easily in four weeks. Plants have good branching and a shorter crop time (10-12 weeks). Production benefits are plants require no pinching or cool period vernalization. Plants are continuous blooming with no cycle flowering so they are good for outdoor and indoor use. Colors include Salmon, Merlot Red, Lilac, Cherry Picotee and Purple Picotee.

Purple Majesty is the latest addition to Ecke Geraniums-Oglevee Products’s Elegance early spring season regal series. Plants have a uniform habit and flower timing. Plants produce full flowers in March through early summer. They are self-branching with durable foliage for shipping.

Sakata Ornamentals has introduced two new series:
Durora is an early, compact gerbera having a proven track record for excellent outdoor performance. The plants’ upright habit allows for economical bench spacing. Durora’s attractive double flowers age slower than other varieties, increasing the shelf life for retailers and providing consumers with long-lasting bloom.

Kameleo is a micro-gerbera, early flowering and ideal for 2½- to 3½-inch pot production. Its rounded leaves and open plant structure provide sufficient aeration for high density production. Kameleo produces an exceptional number of flowers on very sturdy stems.

Florist de Kwakel has introduced two new varieties that are available from Northern Innovators.

Flori Line Midi Fireball is an excellent orange-yellow combination that contrasts well with its black center. The compact plants produce a good number of flowers.

Flori Line Mini Double Bicolor Red/White produces stunningly bright red-white bicolor flowers.

Lekkerkerk Plants in the Netherlands has bred several new varieties that are available through HMA Plants.

Crazy Daisy Eyecatcher Mix contains large double flowers and is well-suited for 5- and 6-inch pots. Crazy Daisy 4Sensation Mix consists of medium double flowers, including over 50 percent dark eyes. Plants are very early and excellent for 4- and 5-inch pots. Crazy Daisy Bicolor Mix produces large semi-double and double flowers that have several pink bicolor shades and forms with over 50 percent with dark eyes. They are good for 5- and 6-inch pots.

Fortune Scarlet with Eye produces early, large deep red with dark eye flowers. Fortune Yellow with Eye has bright yellow flowers with a dark eye. Both varieties are early and good for 5- and 6-inch pots.

The Little Fortune series adds Golden Yellow, Yellow (pale yellow), Red (bright red), White (clear white) and Orange Shades (orange shades with over 30 percent dark eyes, some double and some spider type flowers). Plants are very early and excellent for 4- 5-inch pots.

Kieft-Pro-Seeds has made additions to its Mega Revolution and Revolution series.

Joining the Mega Revolution series are Champagne (bright, sparkling color with dark and green centers), Purple Shades (bright purple with dark and green centers) and Scarlet Dark Centre Improved (improved habit, vigor and flower quality). This series was developed for larger container sizes, 6-inch and up. Plants are bushy with extremely large flowers. They are suitable for year-round production.

Baby Pink (soft pink flowers with dark centers) and Neon Rose Dark Centre (flowers with radiating color and dark centers) are the newest additions to Kieft’s Revolution series. Plants are very early to flower with a short production period of 15-16 weeks. The highly uniform, compact, well-shaped plants do well in 4- to 5-inch pots. They can be grown year-round.

The new, extremely uniform Multi Bells series from Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. includes Blue, Cherry and White. Bred by Sakata, this is the first F1 species cross between gloxinia and stretocarpus. It combines the advantages of both; an exceptionally high flower count, with center flowering and upward facing blooms. Foliage is short and flexible resulting in less damage in transit. More plants can be produced per square foot and is 10-14 days earlier than the Avanti series.

Corn Bak has introduced five new varieties.

‘Techno’ is a fast growing plant suitable for 6-inch pots, but can also be grown in 4-inch. It has a neon pink/red star-shaped inflorescence. Like ‘Techno’, ‘Rock’ is a fast growing variety that is suitable for 4- to 6-inch pots. It produces a purple star-shaped inflorescence. ‘Techno’ and ‘Rock’ combined with the already released ‘Jazz’ complete this color series.

‘Eclipse’ is a compact, fast growing plant with a short purple star-shaped inflorescence. ‘Meteor’ is a compact, fast growing plant with a short red star-shaped inflorescence. Together these make a beautiful pair.

‘Fusion’ is an easy to grow plant suitable for 6-inch pots. It has a purple star-shaped inflorescence and dark leaves. Together with ‘Fiesta’ it makes a nice pair.

‘Marjan’ from Silver Vase has glossy green leaves with golden flecks that reach 24-30 inches long. It produces gently arching warm yellow flowers that last 10-14 weeks. This low to medium light plant that reaches 22-24 inches tall is best suited for 6-inch pots.

Miss Sunshine from PanAmerican Seed, an exclusive from Ball, is pollen free, so it won’t drop messy pollen and aggravate allergies. Mildew tolerant, it requires less growth regulators. It makes a great indoor/lifestyle gift item, but can also be used as a landscape item in Florida. Miss Sunshine continues to bloom with secondary flowers. It reaches 10 to 16 inches tall and 6 to 8 inches wide.

Ecke Geraniums-Oglevee Products is offering ‘Forever Maxi Yellow’ along with the addition of Berry Pink and Yellow to its Forever Midi series. The self-branching plants require no pinching or growth regulators. Plants have an early flower response and produce clean, clear flower colors. They are adaptable to year-round programs and have an early flower response.

Fides North America has released two new kalanchoes.

Calandivo Tylo has large flowers with a true red color. It has strong branching, which results in a nice plant shape and large flower head. Tylo has a much more compact growth than other red varieties. Its keeping quality is excellent.

‘Makian’ is a single flowered kalanchoe with a large dark red flower head. This variety has a fast culture and good branching and is proven to be successful in tests in U.S. conditions.

Lavandula stoechas Ruffles series from PlantHaven is comprised of four, low maintenance, uniform varieties (Blueberry, Boysenberry, Mulberry and Sugarberry). The dense, mounding, upright plants measure 24 inches tall and wide. Each variety boasts gray-green, heavily dentate foliage and large bracts with a distinctive ruffling along the margins. Colors range from hues of pink and purple. Each selection in the series has a unique duo-toned color scheme with the bract colors being distinctively different from the flowers themselves. Plants are strong, sturdy, and drought and humidity tolerant preferring full sun and well-drained soil. They flower profusely from spring through summer. Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zone 8.

Silver Vase has released two phalaenopsis orchids.

‘Elegant Polka Dots’ produces white, 3½-inch wide flowers accented with large red-wine blots. Known for its double spike potential, it has an average bloom count of six plus buds/flowers. The plant fits a 5-inch pot reaching a final height of 30 inches with an average leaf span of 18 inches. It does best in low to medium light.

‘Fancy Fresco’ produces 3½-inch wide yellow flowers which are fronted by a small red center and lip with a tapered tip and two upturned lobe. It has strong double spike potential and averages six plus buds/flowers. Leaf span is 16 inches and average height is 24 inches.

American Takii has introduced a new ornamental pepper cultivar and a new series.

Capsicum annuum ‘Maya Uchu’, bred by Global Flowers, produces fruit which is 1½ to 5 inches long, and approximately ¼-inch wide. Fruit starts out cream and matures to brilliant shades of red. Uchu has variegated foliage and is suitable for production in 4- to 5-inch pots.

Plants in the C. annuum Maya Salma series, also bred by Global Flowers, are dwarf and compact. There are two colors, Light Orange and Red. Plants are well branched and produce an abundance of fruit ½- to 1-inch long. They are suitable for production in 2½- to 4-inch pots.


Selecta is offering three new poinsettias.

Christmas Day (SK 64), has a medium-high vigor, upright V-shaped habit, sturdy stems, great branching and a flood-floor proven root system. Its large bracts are a rich dark red with large cyathia and an overall appealing shape. Its natural finish is the third week of November with a 7-7½ week response time. Its easy-to-control vigor makes it a versatile variety for different pot sizes and plant formats.

Happy Christmas evol. (SK 65) has a medium vigor, upright V-shaped habit, extremely sturdy stems and great branching. The star-shaped, medium-sized true red bracts have superb appeal under artificial light. It finishes during the third week of November with a 7½ week response time.

The improved White Christmas evol. has nearly paper-white star-shaped bracts. It has a high vigor, green foliage and good post-harvest characteristics. It finishes late to mid-season. The best color and bract size is achieved if finished warm.

Ecke Ranch is offering two new varieties.

Polar Bear finishes earlier than other whites and features longer post-production durability. It breaks the barrier to dark foliage and strong white coloration, enhanced with large cyathia for strong visual impact. For every cutting purchased, Ecke will make a donation to Polar Bears International. POS material is available to help boost sales while delivering the Polar Bears International message.

Winter Blush has a large, showy white and pink bracts and strong cyathia clusters that create high visual appeal. Its upright branch position allows for higher density production without compromising quality.

‘Premium Ice Crystal’ from Dummen USA is a unique cultivar that offers distinctive red and white bracts. Like the other cultivars in the Premium series, Ice Crystal has a strong root system, thick stems and is well branched. All Premium cultivars are compact and require much less growth regulator. All cultivars have a seven week reaction time.

Goldsmith has added Rose Frost and Violet to its Orion F1 Primula acaulis series. This mid-season series is perfect for December through mid-March sales. The plants’ neat and tidy habit of allows for more plants per square foot. The sweet scented plants are sure to spice up containers and indoor windowsills with large flowers and plenty of buds.

Primula White Improved is an improvement for Sakata’s Rosanna series. This primula produces “rose bud” appearing flowers that hold their shape. A well-proportioned and uniform plant, Rosanna is suitable for 4-inch production.

Yellow joins the four existing varieties in Goldsmith’s F1 Magic series. Plants are naturally compact so no growth regulators are needed. Large showy flowers are held close to the plants and their petite habit fits naturally into small spaces and decorative containers.

Poulsen Roser A/S has released three new varieties of Rosa hybrida.

Silvia Patiohit (‘Poulpah054’) produces a bouquet of rich yellow flowers, each 4 inches in diameter. The durable blooms last up to 28 days. Plants, which have glossy, dark green leaves, are well-suited for 6-inch containers.
Isabel Patiohit (‘Poulpah053’) is also good for 6-inch production. It produces very glossy, dark green leaves and dark red flowers, each 4 inches in diameter. The flowers are highly durable, lasting 28 days or more.

Apollo Parade (‘Pouopar065’) produces plenty of 3-inch diameter yellow flowers that are very durable, lasting 28 days or more. Apollo is best for 4-inch containers.

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Gold Dust’ from PlantHaven has bright green and gold variegated foliage that stays golden year-round. A sport of ‘Rex’, 'Gold Dust' is heat, drought and disease tolerant and won’t burn in the sun. It has an upright, well-branched and vigorous habit. 'Gold Dust' is a good ornamental landscape plant as well as a culinary herb. It has been tested to USDA Hardiness Zone 7, possibly 6.

Oglesby Plants International has introduced two new cultivars.

‘Strawberry Cream’ has striking pink leaves that mature to green with cream and red accents. It has a similar growth habit as Syngonium ‘White Butterfly’ with enhanced basal branching. It is recommended for 4- to 6-inch pots and 8- to 10-inch hanging baskets.

‘Cheery’ is a lovely non-vining syngonium with beautiful creamy light green leaves. It holds up well under interior conditions and can quickly brighten-up any room. It is well suited for 4- to 6-inch pots.