Our May digital edition is live

Our May digital edition is live

Read about New Mexico-based grower Masson Farms, an MIT researchers' field of plant nanobionics, our 2017 Time to Upgrade Guide and more.

May 26, 2017
Patrick Williams

Read these stories and more in our May issue.


Powered from the Earth

Masson Farms utilizes geothermal energy to fuel its greenhouses and minimize their impact on the environment.


The hidden power of plants

Through innovative research in a new field he calls “plant nanobionics,” an MIT chemical engineer wants to change how humans interact with plants.


How growers make use of plant tags

3 growers share their experiences using plant tags and labels to their advantage.


California's new chapter

With changing weather patterns and the drought emergency over in much of California, greenhouse and nursery growers are weighing their options.


2017 Time to Upgrade Guide