J. Berry Nursery adds Scott Sterling and Jim Steger to team

J. Berry Nursery adds Scott Sterling and Jim Steger to team

Sterling will focus on brand development, while Steger will be the new production resource planner.

November 7, 2017
Press Release

GRAND SALINE, TEXAS —Scott Sterling and Jim Steger have joined the J. Berry Nursery team to provide a smooth door-to-door experience for nurseries, greenhouses, and brokers. Each will ensure the red carpet service that is a hallmark for customers working with J.Berry. 

Sterling will focus on brand development and plant production partnerships, deepening relationships with current partners and creating opportunities with new ones for all J. Berry plants. “Scott has such a fantastic perspective on how to make it easy for everyone along the entire supply chain to grow, promote, and sell J. Berry Plants,” says Jim Berry. “His wealth of industry experience and contacts will make a huge difference for our customers and bring shared opportunities for all stake holders in the supply chain.” 

“Consumers are hungry for new and interesting plants, and J. Berry has the innovative options they’re looking for,” Sterling says. “I’m excited to find and develop additional avenues to help consumers get their hands on Hollywood Hibiscus, Black Diamond Crapemyrtles, Deja Bloom Azaleas, and our new lines hitting stores in 2018.” 

Sterling holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Kansas State University. As a horticultural professional for more than 25 years, he has worked with leaders in the horticulture industry including as Manager of Oglevee LTD in Pennsylvania. He understands how connecting consumer needs to reliable suppliers promotes long term growth and enthusiasm for every individual in the supply chain.

Sterling can  be reached att 412-582-0946 or scott@jberrynursery.com

While Sterling is opening new doors for J. Berry plants, Steger will make sure there are plenty of plants to go around. As the Production Resource Planner, Steger will organize the flow of production and the implementation of new machinery and processes. He arrives at J. Berry after supporting the development and construction of some of the largest nurseries in Southern California and brings a vast field of construction and management knowledge to the table. As a licensed general contractor, Steger installed and automated planting facilities, and planned, designed, and built greenhouses.

“Scott Sterling and Jim Steger’s contributions will go a long way toward streamlining processes from cutting to customer,” says Berry. “We’re entering a new phase of growth at J. Berry, and we couldn’t be more focused on the future."

Photos courtesy of J. Berry Nurseries. From left: Scott Sterling, Jim Steger