Lemnis Oreon and EnviroTech Cultivation Solutions form distribution agreement

Lemnis Oreon and EnviroTech Cultivation Solutions form distribution agreement

Lemnis Oreon aims to grow its presence in North America by partnering with EnviroTech.

March 21, 2017
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IJSSELSTEIN, THE NETHERLANDS — Lemnis Oreon and the North American EnviroTech Solutions Cultivation have come to an agreement for a strategic partnership. EnviroTech is a renowned engineering company from Richmond, California with broad fundamentals in horticulture. EnviroTech's expertise in energy and water technology fits perfectly with the water-cooling solution of the Oreon Grow Lights, according to a press release.

Efficient lighting technology

In EnviroTech, Lemnis Oreon sees a strong partner for the North American market, according to the release. The increasing market demand for efficient lighting technologies made EnviroTech recognize the advantages of the water-cooled Oreon Grow Lights and their compact size. The compact size creates only little shading in the greenhouse so that the grower can make optimum use of daylight. The water cooling makes it possible for the LED fixture to efficiently produce a large amount of light without heating up the greenhouse. Revenues are therefore of higher quality at lower running costs. Growers have full control over the climate in the greenhouse and can therefore produce year round.

“Energy costs are becoming an increasingly important challenge for cultivators. Gaining the highest efficiency while avoiding the necessity to remove lamp heat with air cooling is a very attractive benefit. We are enthusiastic about bringing this top quality fixture to the market,” says Kurt Parbst, director of business development at EnviroTech.

“With Envirotech as a new distributor, we create a better connection to the North American market. This allows us to adapt quickly to developments at customer-side. With the expertise of EnviroTech in commercial horticulture projects, we see a promising future in this rapidly growing market," says Michiel de Jong, sales manager at Lemnis Oreon.