The 5 most popular greenhouse stories from November

The 5 most popular greenhouse stories from November

Catch up on the most read articles of the past month.

December 1, 2016
Chris Manning

From the 2017 colors of the year to the future of LED lighting, catch on the news that caught the industry's attention throughout November. 

1. Overtime rule update: a last-chance effort to vacate or delay the rule

Bills and lawsuits related to the Department of Labor's overtime rule are in motion, but the chances of legislation impacting the Dec. 1 deadline are unlikely, and the results of lawsuits will not be known until mid-to-late November.

2. Paint brands name 2017 colors of the year

This year's hues are rich, purple-grey colors, moving away from the white and off-white shades of 2016.

3. What a Trump win means for horticulture

Insiders believe the 2016 election has the potential to shake up the green industry.

4. A color story

Learn how plant growth can be affected by a range of light qualities.

5. Ushering in the future

Why thermal management is critical to the evolution of LED grow lighting.