New England Greenhouse Extension Programs to host 2018 webinars

New England Greenhouse Extension Programs to host 2018 webinars

The webinars will be held every Wednesday at noon beginning on Jan. 17.

January 10, 2018
Press Release
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The New England Greenhouse Extension Programs will present eight webinars to help you get started this season, according to a press release.

The webinars will be 30 minutes long, every Wednesday at noon, starting on January 17. All webinars are free, thanks to Sun GroHorticulture and The Blackmore Company, who sponsored this program, according to the release.

The New England Greenhouse webinar series is a collaborative effort of UMass Extension Greenhouse and Floriculture program, University of Connecticut Greenhouse Research & Extension Program, and University of New Hampshire Extension Greenhouse Program.

Jan. 17 - Growing strong roots from the start - plugs and rooted cuttings - Roberto Lopez, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Jan. 24 - Root-borne pathogens: Identification & control - Rosa E. Raudales, Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Jan. 31 - Fungicide drenches - Kerri Stafford, Head Grower, Cavicchio Greenhouses

Feb. 7 - Understanding the component of growing media - James Atland, Ph.D., USDA- ARS

Feb. 14 - Managing pH in the growing media - Ryan Dickson, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Feb. 28 - Using mineral nutrition to prevent root-borne pathogens - Wade Elmer, Ph.D., Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

March 7 - Root-critters: Identification and control - Dan Gilrein, Ph.D., Cornell University

March 14 - Insecticide drenches - Rick Yates, Technical Manager, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

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