Oasis Grower Solutions offers products to protect plants during transportation

Oasis Grower Solutions offers products to protect plants during transportation

The company's system of products is designed to protect plants during their journey to the consumer.

December 8, 2017
Press Release
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KENT, OHIO – Oasis Grower Solutions offers a system of products to protect the integrity of plants during transportation and ensure the best possible consumer experience, according to a press release. The system includes Oasis HydraPad, Floralife Transport Paper and EthylBloc technology truck treatments and sachets.

Oasis HydraPad is an absorbent substrate designed to provide moisture to potted plants. It provides a hydration source during transportation, as well as for times when plants need to go without watering for an extended duration.

Available in three different sizes, 2-inch, 3-1/2-inch and 5-inch squares, the HydraPad makes water available to plants without sloshing and dripping, plus avoids plant drowning. The product helps provide extra assurance of the plant quality after it is beyond the grower’s care, according to the release.

Floralife Transport Paper is a specially designed post-harvest waxed tissue that is used for transporting fresh cut flowers and potted plants. The paper is impregnated with compounds that react when exposed to relative humidity above 40 percent. Designed to fit most commonly used shipping boxes, the paper sheets measure 10 inches by 40 inches. The transport paper can be used effectively in both refrigerated and non-temperature controlled shipments.

Floralife EthylBloc technology inhibits the negative impact that ethylene has on crops, such as flower, bud and leaf drop, leaf yellowing and premature flower aging. Designed for use by all segments of the floral and nursery industries, EthylBloc technology protects cut and potted flowers, foliage plants and bedding flowers and plants, helping them to stay vibrant. EthylBloc technology is available in truck treatments and sachets.

“Our transportation system of products is formulated to protect plants on their last leg of the plant journey to the consumer,” said Jeff Naymik, global marketing manager, Oasis Grower Solutions. “Our innovative technologies for plant transportation ensure that the end consumer is delighted.”