Orchiata Orchid Bark earns Preferred Product Status from American Orchid Society

Orchiata Orchid Bark earns Preferred Product Status from American Orchid Society

AOS cited better rooting, more leaves, longer pot life and other advantages to other potting media.

May 22, 2017
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The American Orchid Society (AOS) has announced that Besgrow’s Orchiata brand Premium New Zealand Orchid Bark has been designated an AOS-preferred product under its newly launched Preferred Product Program.

Preferred product status is only bestowed once a product has been vetted by the AOS Product Evaluation Committee according to product-specific evaluation criteria and test protocol. Orchiata was found to deliver superior results when compared to alternative potting media as measured by number and length of roots and number and size of leaves. The product also offers several advantages over other potting media, including its ready use straight from the bag, long pot life and superior water/nutrient retention and release. Given the AOS’ interest in conservation, the Product Evaluation Committee was also impressed by Besgrow’s sustainability practices.

“Orchid growers are faced with many options when it comes to products used in orchid culture,” said AOS President George Hatfield. “Choosing what might work best can be daunting, not to mention expensive. When a product earns the AOS ‘seal of approval,’ orchid growers know they are getting a product that has proven itself.”

Earning the AOS Preferred Product designation allows Besgrow to use the AOS seal of approval in various Orchiata marketing opportunities, including packaging, advertising, point-of-purchase promotion, website and trade show applications.

"We are delighted that the AOS recognizes the high quality, stability and consistency of Orchiata for potting and repotting orchids," said Garry Clark, Besgrow’s group general manager. “Commercial growers and hobbyists alike agree.”