Groups update plant trials database

Groups update plant trials database

Plant trials database ratings now accessible to industry.

March 7, 2014

After its creation in 2012, the Plant Trial Database coordinators have announced that there is now an appropriate amount of plant trialing data to share with the industry.

The initial concept of an online repository of trialing data came out of a collaboration between All-America Selections and the University of Georgia and was supported by the following breeding companies:

American Takii

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm

Dummen Group/Fides

Ernst Benary of America

Floranova Ltd.

PanAmerican Seed/Ball Horticultural

Proven Winners

Sakata Ornamentals

The Suntory Collection

Syngenta Flowers

After identifying and establishing standardized trialing protocols and scoring, the system was built in 2012. After two trialing seasons, the Plant Trials Database now includes ratings on over 1,000 varieties of annuals. This is expected to grow tremendously in the near future as additional breeding companies participate and as additional categories, such as perennials and edibles, are added to the system.

This past year, approximately eleven trial gardens were active participants inputting trial data on the varieties supplied by the sponsoring breeders. Additional trial gardens are expected to join in 2014.

With trialing data and ratings on that number of varieties, brokers, growers and garden retailers will find this information useful when making purchasing decisions. The data can be accessed by going to and filling out a short application form. Within a short time, applicants will be notified of their user information. At this time, information is available only to the industry but eventually will become a tool for home gardeners as well.