PlantResponse adds Rad Page and John Kruse to leadership team

PlantResponse adds Rad Page and John Kruse to leadership team

Page is the company's new COO, while Kruse is director of global agronomy.

September 26, 2017
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PlantResponse has announced two new U.S.-based additions to the crop technology company’s global leadership team – Rad Page, chief commercial officer, and John Kruse, director of global agronomy.

“Rad and John both bring to the company excellent experience and a demonstrated ability to enable growth,” says Tom Snipes, chief executive officer. “They will be key as PlantResponse continues to increase our footprint in the global crop technology market.”

As chief commercial officer, Page will be responsible for driving business growth through marketing, sales and customer interface development. Page brings 34 years of agricultural expertise, having held leadership positions within HydroBio, United Agri Products, Crop Production Services, FMC and Pinnacle Ag. Raised in South Carolina, Page obtained his bachelor of science in agricultural economics from Clemson University.

In the role of director of global agronomy, Kruse will lead field research and the validation of developing technologies, as well as provide science-based support to the business and customers. Kruse brings his prior experience as an assistant professor and crop specialist for Louisiana State University’s Agricultural Center, as well as director of agronomy – biologicals for Koch Biological Solutions. Kruse earned his doctorate in agronomy from the University of Georgia.

Kruse and Page will support PlantResponse’s proven portfolio of plant technology including Neptunion, a novel plant metabolite that promotes plant development under water stress conditions, and Cybelion, an extract derived from fungal cells that induces plant innate immunity and promotes growth.