Supplement - Container Solutions

April 7, 2011

Rooting trays
The Root Tutor rooting trays from Summit Plastic Co. provide exact cell spacing which channels the roots downward to prevent root circling. The cells star pattern encourages root branching. The large bottom holes stimulate root pruning. The top, matched-domino, community watering system eliminates center sag. The 24, 32 and 72 count trays are sturdy and reusable.
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“Green” containers
Summit Plastic’s Line of Eco 360 pots and trays offer growers a choice of materials and sizes. Wheat pots, polylactic acid (PLA) pots and trays, rice hull pots and NetPots can be used with standard pot filling and handling equipment. All of the containers fit into the PLA trays. All fit conventional shipping racks and ship like traditional plastic-formed containers.
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Promotional pots
Summit Plastic Co. offers promotional pots that command attention. It offers female-friendly graphics, a modern color palette, fun copy and complementary tags and trays. Pots can be printed with a basket-weave pattern that evokes a feeling of a home garden. Images include flowers, vegetables and herbs.
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Flower pouch
Al’s Flower Pouch II from A.M.A. Plastics Ltd. adds to the product’s 17-year tradition of “A Burst of Beauty in a Bag!” with an Earth-friendly twist – it’s oxo-degradable. It provides the beauty consumers want in their gardens all season long. When they’re finished with it, they can simply empty the plant material and growing media into a compost pile and dispose of the pouch in that same compost pile or with their household waste. Oxo-degradable poly film begins a structural breakdown once in landfill conditions and completely disintegrates.
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Eco-friendly pots
Eco-Choice containers from Anderson Die & Manufacturing Inc. are eco-friendly pots that biodegrade only after their introduction into a landfill or compost pile. They are normal pots with normal container longevity. They do not require special handling or storage. The pots are made with recycled resins and are environmentally safe when they breakdown with no toxic effects.
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