Suntory announces Sun Parasol URC program

Suntory announces Sun Parasol URC program

The program features several varieties, including Original Crimson, Garden Crimson and Cream Pink.

December 21, 2016
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TOKYO, JAPAN - Starting in January, growers will be able to purchase a group of Sun Parasol mandevilla varieties as unrooted cuttings. Up until this point, the Sun Parasol line has been a domestically produced rooted program. While that will continue, growers who would like to purchase unrooted cuttings (URC) will have the opportunity for the Sun Parasol Original varieties and Garden Crimson.

The primary source for unrooted cuttings is Vivero International in Mexico. Varieties include Sun Parasol Original Crimson, Cream Pink, Pink, White and Garden Crimson. Aris Horticulture will also offer unrooted cuttings from its production facilities in Florida.
Varieties covered in the URC program include:

Original Crimson
Original Pink
Original Cream Pink
Original White
Original Dark Red
Original Burgundy
Original Strawberry
Original Stars & Stripes
Garden Crimson

Royalty reduction – from 20 cents to 12 cents on Original varieties and Garden Crimson

Tags – Current inventory of larger tags will transition to a mini tag for Original varieties and Garden Crimson.

The rest of the Sun Parasol varieties, including the Giant Group, Pretty Group, Apricot and Designer White, will remain a rooted program.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Vivero while supporting our long-term rooting licensees,” says Delilah Onofrey, license manager, Suntory Flowers. “Making URC available for the Sun Parasol Original varieties and Garden Crimson allows us to participate in two markets without diminishing the premium status of the Sun Parasol brand. The Giant, Pretty and unique varieties will continue to be positioned for the premium market as rooted items.”

Sun Parasol rooted licensees include Sun-Fire Nurseries and Aris Horticulture in Florida, EuroAmerican Propagators and Plug Connection in California, D.S. Cole Growers in New Hampshire and Orchard Park Growers in Ontario, Canada.

Suntory Flowers will be working with brokers and Vivero to arrange production samples for growers. Callused and uncallused cuttings are available. Interested growers may contact Vaughn Fletcher at to arrange free production samples.

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