5 tips for better online marketing

5 tips for better online marketing

How to improve your digital strategy beyond social media.

August 29, 2016
Marketing Trends

By Ryan Kh, Tech.co

The problem with reaching out to customers and potential customers via social media is that it’s a bit like trying to get attention in a crowded room. With thousands of companies constantly posting content on Facebook and Instagram, the competition gets pretty fierce. The best marketing efforts are efficient, reaching as many people as possible in a meaningful way. But posts that make an impact on social media are not quickly conceived nor easily acquired.

Here are the often forgotten assets which are key to the digital presence of a modern business in conjunction with social media accounts: 

1. Infographics

As one of the most popular advertising tools in recent years, infographics can be applied to virtually every industry. Consulting with a digital marketing service specializing in infographics will generate interesting and captivating resources. In turn, these can be used for years across a variety of outreach mediums in addition to social media, including email, newsletters, video, and web design.

2. SEO

Getting people to arrive at your website after entering a string of words into a search engine, continues to be a critical part of a successful digital marketing campaign. Content creation and link building are functions which marketing agencies – at least the good ones – use to elevate a website in the list of results for given searches.

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