The top stories of 2016

The top stories of 2016

Read all of our 2016 cover stories in one place.

February 24, 2017
Patrick Williams
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From poinsettias to labor, we covered a number of important industry topics in 2016. Check out all of these below.


January: Plant Power Couples

Get to know three husband-and-wife greenhouse teams who have found success through the lessons they’ve learned — together.

February: Uncensored: Inside the Business of Horticulture

Greenhouse and nursery growers united in Cleveland, Ohio to candidly address some of the industry’s most pressing issues.

March: The Great Indoors

A focus on indoor and miniature varieties may be just the gateway new gardeners need to begin appreciating and caring for plants.


April: The next faces of horticulture

Students, professors and hiring managers reveal their outlook on labor in our Future of the Industry research.


May: Plants. Camera. Action!

Use video marketing to amp up your operation’s sales and reputation.


June: Beyond the paycheck

Your employees’ happiness and dedication to your company depends on more than wages.


July: Can I patent that?

Learn how to protect your breeding efforts.


August: Poinsettia Pointers

Pests & Disease: Poinsettia problems

Spot the signs and quickly recover from powdery mildew on this popular holiday crop.

Varieties: Poinsettia picks

Consider these varieties for your holiday crop line-up.

Pests & Disease: Protect your poinsettias

Get to know these pesky root, leaf and bract poinsettia pests and how to keep them at bay.


September: Elevated profits

Emerging green roof trends inspired Ed Snodgrass to focus his business on a niche market.


October: Time to invest: 2016 State of the Industry Report

Hone your business with the latest insights, analysis and research of greenhouse growing.


November: Now trending: Perennials

Events: Recapping this year’s Perennial Plant Association Symposium

This event held in the Twin Cities united growers, breeders and other members of the green industry who are passionate about perennials.

Varieties: Green industry members share their perennial picks

Walters Gardens, North Creek Nurseries and Colorado State University select the varieties they believe will be superior in 2017.

Production: Choose a first-class substrate

Consider factors like air space, porosity and water-holding capacity when deciding on a growing media for your perennials.


December: What’s your availability?

Spark new interest and boost sales by revamping your plant line-up.