Twitter25: Bright Agrotech

Twitter25: Bright Agrotech

We spoke to Chris Michael about what makes the company's Twitter account successful.

August 10, 2016
Chris Manning

Chris Michael, Bright Agrotech’s director of growth and happiness, plays a part in shaping the company's social media presence.Their Twitter account was recently named to Greenhouse Management’s 2016 Twitter25 as presented by Nufarm (@Nufarm_USGHN). Chris was kind enough to answer a few of Greenhouse Management’s questions about their Twitter account.

Check out the Q&A below and make sure to follow Bright Agrotech on Twitter @BrightAgrotech. View the entire Twitter25 here.

Greenhouse Management: Who operates the Twitter account?

Chris Michael: For the most part, I coordinate most of the Twitter engagement these days, but my entire Marketing and Media team plays an invaluable role in ensuring we're creating the very best educational content to share with our current and prospective farmers across social media.

GM: How did you set the strategy for the account?

Our Twitter strategy, like everything else we do here at Bright, started from the moment we shot our first YouTube video back in 2011. We knew there were a lot of motivated aspiring growers out there demanding higher quality information that's delivered in simple, easy to understand language and we wanted to give it to them. Twitter allows us to spark conversations and contribute whatever value we can to these farmers in bite-sized pieces.

GM: What, or who, inspires your Twitter account?

CM: We're inspired by all our Upstart Farmers out there who are doing a great job of posting photo updates of their farms.

GM: Why should people follow your account?

CM: People should follow us to learn more info about growing without soil and to get inspired by all the examples of real-world farmers doing amazing things to feed their communities.

 GM: Why do you use Twitter?

CM: It allows us to deliver more value to our existing farmers in unique, relevant ways, but also helps us discover new folks out there who share our values.

GM: Who are your must-follow accounts?

CM: We love seeing Tweets from our farmers like @nmarasco5, @ModernSteader and @FableFoodsLLC. We also love seeing all the updates and insights from across the pond by the game changers at @myfood, as well as industry veterans like @Seedstock.