New Annual Flower Varieties Guide

The New Annuals Varieties Guide (NAVD) is your guide to the latest annual varieties from breeders around the world. Every year the Greenhouse Management varieties guide covers the newest introductions – from abuliton to zinnias – along with all you need to know about each plant, accompanied by colorful, high-resolution photos.

Some top annual varieties from 2016 include:

1. Begonia ‘Bossa Nova’ Yellow bred by Floranova
‘Bossa Nova’ Yellow F1, bred by Floranova completes the color spectrum in the well-loved Bossa Nova series. Covered with blooms, the fantastic branching and full-mounded trailing habit makes excellent hanging baskets to last all summer long. Bossa Nova does beautifully in full sun and can withstand a range of climate conditions. Bossa Nova is from seed and offers a range of benefits when compared to cutting alternatives. Now available in Red, Orange, Pure White, Rose shades, Rose Glow, Salmon and Yellow.

2. Superbells Topical Sunrise bred by Proven Winners 
For a bit of splashy glitz ‘n glam, choose Superbells Tropical Sunrise by Proven Winners. Its incredibly unique flowers each feature stripes of orange, pink and coral tones — no two flowers are exactly alike. Perfect this one in containers on a sunny patio where its novel blossoms can be appreciated up close. Like all Superbells, it blooms beautifully from spring into fall without having to remove its spent flowers.

2. Fireball marigold bred by PanAmerican Seed
Meet the “New World marigold,” Fireball by PanAmerican Seed. Fireball introduces germplasm never seen before in African or French marigolds, and puts multicolor blooms on the same plant. A completely new look for premium packs, pots and decorative containers. Flowers mature and change color for a great-looking contrast of red, orange and yellow. Habit is similar to other Dwarf crested French marigolds.

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