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2017/2018 Disease Control Guide - Sponsor's Letter

October 25, 2017

The ornamental business is alive and well and expanding. One of those expanding areas is the growth in vegetable and herb production. As locally-grown foods have become more popular among consumers, greenhouse growers have enjoyed a dramatic increase in vegetable and herb production. The growth has been across the board, from large hydroponic to traditional greenhouse operations. Recent estimates are that some operations are now devoting up to 30% of their production to some form of edible crop.

While the increase in edibles is providing new opportunities for growers, it also presents new and unfamiliar problems in disease control.

As your Partner with Solutions, OHP has recently launched biosolutions, a segment of products that are mostly labeled for application to food crops. While we are still developing and supporting traditional products, our new biosolutions products are a perfect fit for this new, expanding market.

OHP, in partnership with GIE Media and Dr. A.R. Chase, has developed this chart to help growers identify these problems and determine the best solutions.

Andy Seckinger

Marketing Manager

OHP, Inc

Partners with Solutions