Suncrest Nurseries

Suncrest Nurseries

2019 California Spring Trials - 2019 California Spring Trials: Northern Trials

Featuring: Cohen Nurseries, Hishtil Nurseries, Jaldety Nursery, Kamel Plastic Pots, Nir Nurseries

March 4, 2019

New Varieties:

Cohen Nurseries

Calceolaria Balloon Orange Tiger is a new line bred by Breier. All varieties have special flowers in an attractive color range. Pot types with strong growth. Very good branching and long flowering time.

Diascia Morning Mist Basket Bicolor Pink White is bred by Breier. Early flowering with compact growth habits.

Nemesia Honey Bicolor is bred by Breier. Compact growth habits. Beautiful new color combinations.

Hishtil Nurseries

Lavandula angustifoliaBeeZee is a new hardy, compact and exciting angustifolia series with similar characteristic and tons of flowers that will attract and keep the bees busy during the long flowering season.

Jaldety Nursery

Candystone is a great addition to the beautiful series of Delosperma Jewel of Desert. Masses of eye-catching sweet pink flowers form a lush ground-hugging color mat. Flowers for a very long period. Exceptionally drought tolerant and winter hardy. Easy to care.