2019 State of the Industry report: Rising tide

2019 State of the Industry Report - Cover Story

Industry outlooks are positive as sales and profits increase.


Each year, Greenhouse Management magazine reaches out to growers across the U.S. and Canada to take the industry’s pulse and discover the biggest opportunities and challenges greenhouses are facing. And each year, we find something new. Below, you'll find the latest exclusive research on the state of the industry.

This year, we also checked in with individual greenhouses to see how they’re faring, where they’re seeing success and what challenges they’re facing. You can read more about that in the market updates in this issue's digital edition.

The overall feeling in the industry is positive, with growers reporting good profits, an optimistic outlook and increasing sales. While unpredictable weather and hardships with hiring continue to hinder success for many, profitability is looking good.

With a recession looming on the horizon, next year’s survey may have some different results. Experts are predicting that the possible recession to come won’t be as devastating as the 2009 market upheaval, but a downturn in the economy is always unpredictable.

Check back with us again next year to see how the industry is evolving and changing.