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NGMA provides its members with advertising help, legislative awareness and more.

June 22, 2020

The National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA) is a professional trade organization for the manufacturers and suppliers of greenhouses and greenhouse components. NGMA members are committed to building greenhouses with a level of professionalism you won’t find elsewhere. When you become a member, you will receive the following benefits:

Advocacy. NGMA works for you! It is a strong voice advocating on behalf of the industry to reduce the negative impact of building and energy regulations.

Legislative Awareness. NGMA regularly shares legislative information with its members.

E-newsletter. This quarterly publication contains useful information for NGMA members. NGMA Insights also presents an opportunity for members to submit news for distribution to other NGMA members and to write articles about industry issues and trends.

Web Presence and Advertising. An alphabetical listing of each member of NGMA is listed on the website at The listing includes contact information and is available by member category. The website also includes “Helpful Hints,” which may be printed and distributed to clientele, and copies of NGMA standards and guidelines. NGMA offers its members a discounted website advertising program as well.

“Members Only” section of website. Members obtain access to the “Members Only” section of the website, which includes copies of past presentations from Spring Meetings, minutes of meetings, photographs from Spring Meetings and other pertinent information that only members can access.

Public Relations. NGMA and its members are promoted in industry magazines. This activity not only puts our members in front of the readers, but it promotes membership in NGMA. In addition, NGMA provides “Member of NGMA” signs to companies that exhibit at AmericanHort’s Cultivate show.

Networking. NGMA provides an opportunity for networking, education, business and fun at the annual Spring Meeting. Current industry topics are reviewed from top-notch speakers and networking opportunities between members abound! Members will find many beneficial reasons to attend the Spring Meeting. NGMA also hosts an annual Membership Reception at AmericanHort’s Cultivate show, which provides members with the opportunity to connect.

Social Networking. In addition to the event networking opportunities, NGMA provides its members with a virtual networking opportunity on its Facebook page. NGMA also has a YouTube channel that members can utilize as educational or marketing tools for their business. Members are invited to submit video content to be published on NGMA’s YouTube channel.

Industry Leadership. Members have the unique opportunity to serve on the NGMA Board of Directors and serve on the committees that steer NGMA and guarantee its future as a leader in the greenhouse industry.

To learn more, visit

2020 NGMA Members

Academy Canada

Acme Engineering & Manufacturing
(918) 684-0509

Advancing Alternatives

Agra Tech, Inc.
(925) 432-3399

Albert J. Lauer, Inc.
(651) 423-1651

Allied Tube & Conduit
(800) 882-5543

American Coolair Corp.
(904) 389-3646

American Tube and Pipe
(602) 352-7788

Argus Control Systems, Ltd.
(800) 667-2090

Atlas Manufacturing, Inc.
(229) 532-2905

Autogrow Systems Limited

B&K Installations, Inc.
(305) 245-6968

Ball Publishing
(866) 888-4237

Bartlett Instrument Company
(319) 372-8366

BWI Companies, Inc.
(903) 726-9003

Conley’s Manufacturing & Sales
(909) 627-0981

Diversified Agriculture, LLC

Fiberlane, LLC
(610) 608-4979

Green-Tek, Inc.
(608) 754-7336

Greenhouse Management/GIE Media
(800) 456-0707

(800) 476-9715

H.E. Anderson Company
(918) 687-4426

(800) 851-7740

Link4 Greenhouse Controls
(714) 524-0004

Lock Drives,
(877) 562-5487

Ludvig Svensson, Inc.
(704) 357-0457

Ludy Greenhouse Mfg. Corp
(937) 996-1921

Meister Media Worldwide
(440) 220-2153

Micro Grow Greenhouse Systems, Inc.
(951) 296-3340

Mississippi State University
(662) 325-4556

Modine Manufacturing Company
(262) 636-1200

Next G3Neration Greenhouse
(909) 315-6400

Nexus Corporation
(303) 457-9199


P.L. Light Systems
(905) 563-4133

Pinnacle Climate Technologies
(800) 779-3267

Polygal Incorporated
(704) 588-3800

Quietaire Corp.
(866) 228-9421

(412) 264-1904

Ridder Corp
(519) 322-1400

Roeber Kunststoffe GmbH

Roehm America LLC
(562) 241-1897

Rough Brothers, Inc.
(513) 242-0310

(281) 593-1118

Solar Innovations
(570) 915-1500

Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing
(816) 842-3071

The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina, LLC
(803) 798-4000

Total Energy Group (formerly Ridder USA)
(805) 566-0917

United Greenhouse Systems, Inc.
(608) 884-8941

University of Arizona
(520) 990-0202

University of Connecticut
(860) 779-8730

University of Wyoming
(307) 766-5117

Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company
(828) 891-7389

Vostermans Ventiliation/Multifan, Inc.
(309) 827-9798

Wadsworth Control Systems
(303) 424-4461

Winandy Greenhouse Co., Inc.
(765) 935-2111

NGMA Leadership: President Tom Vezdos Rough Brothers, Inc.
(513) 242-0310

President-Elect Tim Lauer Albert J. Lauer, Inc.
(651) 423-1651

Secretary/Treasurer Bobby Harris Acme Engineering & Manufacturing
(918) 684-0509

Past President Mark Davis Atlas Manufacturing
Phone: (229) 532-2905