9 amazing annuals

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We saw countless incredible new annuals varieties during our week at the 2017 California Spring Trials, many more than we could fit on these pages. Here are nine of the varieties that caught our eye.

June 8, 2017

Photos: Karen E. Varga

Evening Scentsation

With a strong scent reminiscent of hyacinth, this new AAS-winning blue petunia from American Takii filled the greenhouse with a pleasant aroma. Evening Scentsation’s color changes from dark to light blue and develops a shine as it ages. It’s best for a basket or landscape use. Watch the video here: bit.ly/2rxjH8l

Photo courtesy of Danziger

Pazzaz Nano

This year, Danziger’s portulaca breeding efforts were on display for the first time with its Pazzaz Nano series, available in four colors. Bred for a controlled growth habit, this portulaca does not need PGRs, which makes it easier for growers to produce. Pazzaz Nano will grow to its pot size, so it can be produced in a wide range of containers, from 4-inch pots to baskets and gallons. To learn more, check out the video: bit.ly/2qgQ6Lm

Photos: Karen E. Varga


For those customers looking for a new twist on traditional phlox varieties, look no further than the new Popstars series from Floranova. Its unique star-shaped blooms and six striking colors caught our eye, and growers will like its 90 percent seed emergence rate, as well as its disease and heat tolerance, ability to be grown cool, and plug uniformity. For more on Popstars and other new introductions from Floranova, check out this video: bit.ly/2rxvuUa

Photos: Karen E. Varga

Obsession Cascade

Syngenta Flowers introduced Obsession Cascade verbena, which the company says is the first trailing verbena from seed and has excellent powdery mildew tolerance. These varieties can stand alone in a container or be part of a combination, as in this photo of Obsession Cascade Twister Purple mixed with Plush White and Plush Deep Purple. For more on Syngenta’s new annuals, visit bit.ly/2s02T6c

Photo courtesy of Ball FloraPlant


“Bloomify will not multiply,” is what we were told at Ball FloraPlant during Spring Trials. This University of Florida-certified sterile lantana series will not set seeds, so it will not go out of flower during the end of summer. Red and Rose are the two new colors in the series. Learn about this series and two other industry firsts in this video: bit.ly/2oT6v9i

Candy Tops

Photos: Karen E. Varga

This new mid-sized snapdragon series by Sakata is floriferous and will have long-lasting color throughout the season. Candy Tops has five bold colors and a mix. For more on Candy Tops and other new varieties, watch this video: bit.ly/2qSUGSa

Surfinia Trailing Red

Photos: Karen E. Varga

Suntory Flowers caught attendees’ eyes with its new Surfinia Trailing Red petunia by displaying it with a showy red motorcycle. This petunia is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of settings, filling out baskets and landscapes. Watch the video here: bit.ly/2rxgGET

Photos: Karen E. Varga

Great Falls

The varieties in the Great Falls trailing coleus series by Dümmen Orange were selected for their ability to combine well with Safari Confetti Gardens mixes. The varieties offer structural integrity and versatility to the combos. The coleus makes the combos more durable during shipping, and the coleus’ heat tolerance gives them longevity at the consumer level. Learn more about Great Falls and other new introductions here: bit.ly/2qSRaHu

Photos: Karen E. Varga

Bright Light Double Moonglow

This new Proven Winners osteospermum was the second most popular pick amongst Spring Trials attendees, particularly for its 24-hour sunny color due to its semi-double flowers that don't close. Growers can produce it as an early spring or fall crop, and will appreciate its heat tolerance. See all three top picks here: bit.ly/2reeORN