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American Coolair offers a versatile selection of greenhouse ventilation systems.

May 3, 2016

Top Left: NBF Fan; Top Right: AL Aluminum Fan; Above: Power Tube Fan

American Coolair fans feature rigid 10-gauge frames to firmly hold the motor and blade assembly. The shaft bearing assembly has an L10 bearing life of more than 300,000 hours, which is five times the industry standard.


American Coolair’s NBF Fan provides the ideal solution to fresh air ventilation in most types of greenhouse buildings. NBF Fans are built to give customers years of heavy-duty and trouble-free service. The rugged, belt-driven construction operates in any position, has permanently lubricated ball bearings, and is available with single- or two-speed totally enclosed motors.

Coolair has developed a complete ventilation package by combining the NBF Fan with an all-aluminum shutter (Type LRW) and a heavy-gauge galvanized steel wall housing (square box or slope) for exterior mounting, allowing a maximum of unobstructed interior space.

The fan panel is fabricated from heavy-gauge steel and features an all-welded construction. The uprights that support the motor and propeller are also formed from heavy-gauge steel for maximum strength and rigidity. Painted parts are coated with a thermosetting epoxy coating to provide a protective coating rated excellent for hardness, impact resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance.

AL Aluminum Fan

American Coolair’s AL all-aluminum fans are the answer to concerns about rust and corrosion in today’s damp greenhouse environment. Combined with an aluminum wall housing, an aluminum shutter, and a vinyl coated wire guard, American Coolair’s AL aluminum fans will provide years of trouble-free and corrosion-free service.

AL fans feature all-welded angle frame construction. Each panel has a deep spun orifice for maximum efficiency. The die-formed aluminum blades are bolted to a cast aluminum hub, which also serves as the fan pulley.

The fans are available with single- or two-speed fully enclosed motors.

Power Tube Fan

The American Coolair PTF Power Tube fan provides precise tempering of air in controlled environments. This makes the PTF fan an excellent choice for greenhouse ventilation.

The PTF fan, which works in conjunction with the polyethylene Power Tube, is specially designed to make up air lost to exhaust fans. At the same time, the fan provides low-velocity tempering and mixing of air.

The PTF fan is constructed of heavy gauge steel and is offered in sizes from 12 to 30 inches. The 12- and 18-inch fans are direct drive units. The 24- and 30-inch fans are belt driven and incorporate the Coolair exclusive static shaft design used on the Coolair Type NBF and AL fans.

American Coolair custom punches each Power Tube to suit a customer’s unique requirements. The Power Tube is clear, so as not to obscure vision or light in the facility. Coolair Power Tube hangers are designed to be easily installed — just slide the hanger into position on the tubing, and clip onto a suspended wire. The Tube Hanger also supports the tube when the fan is not in use, allowing for unrestricted view and normal air movement.