Athena Brazil receives MPS-ABC certification

South American supplier ships unrooted cuttings to U.S., Europe and Asia.

April 24, 2013

Athena Brazil, one of the largest suppliers of unrooted cuttings in South America that transports unrooted cuttings to the United States, Europe and Asia, has been rewarded the MPS-ABC environmental certification.

Owner Lucilene Anatriello explains that Athena Brazil started with the MPS-ABC certification based on a growing number of requests by customers in North America. She also notes that getting the MPS-ABC environmental certification helps Athena understand better how they can improve their sustainability. Every four weeks the use of energy, water, fertilizers and crop protection agents are entered into the MPS website. Athena receives feedback from MPS in the form of charts, graphs and a report four times a year.

“We want to be ready for the future; right now certification is still an option but this will soon change to a requirement from the market,” says Anatriello. Paul Gaydos, representative of Athena on the North American market, says that certification according to MPS-ABC certification is a necessity for unrooted and rooted cutting producers worldwide.

MPS welcomes grower inquires in North America to the west coast coordinator, Charlotte Smit at (805) 524-9685 or, or to the General International Coordinator Latin America, Arthij van der Veer at .