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Fan Favorite Heat-Loving Combinations!

The vegetative annual breeding companies of Ball Horticultural Company, Ball FloraPlant® and Selecta One®, have long been recognized for their balanced mixture recipes: MixMasters™ and Trixi®s. These “kits” are meant to be rooted together with two to three cuttings per large liner. Then, typically, three multi-stuck liners are planted into the pot or basket. These programs are designed to need minimal pinching, sheering or PGRs to keep the components from competing, and they should flourish in the majority of North American climates. We know because we have tested them!

While homogeneous basket combinations are a must for the everyday greenhouse grower, we know that many growers are also craving new and exciting combination ideas to WOW their customers.

Both Ball FloraPlant and Selecta One have been expending their efforts in designing combinations that are not meant to be rooted together but can be transplanted together at a young stage and grow harmoniously. These combinations include components clustered with sectional pops of color and often use the architectural theme: “Thriller-Filler-Spiller.”

Many of these “cluster combinations” were on display during the Week 24 Southern Garden Tour this summer.

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural

Another favorite is a collaborative effort of Ball FloraPlant and Selecta One — sun-loving Perfect Pairing, using NEW Angelonia Archangel™ White Improved, Petunia Headliner™ Enchanted Sky and Scaevola Fairy™ Blue. The angelonia is placed in the center of the pot as the thriller. Then, the scaevola is placed near the edge of the pot to spill over the rim. The petunia would be used to fill the spaces in between. Not a fan of these colors for your market? No problem! Swap out the upright angelonia for another color from the series or pick a new Headliner Sky Petunia to create your own unique look. 

Keep your eyes on the horizon for more trialed, tested and approved combinations with novel genetics from these two vegetative breeding companies.

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