Ball Ingenuity line of Diamantina genetics relaunched
Jade scarlet Diamantina
Courtesy Upshoot, LLC

Ball Ingenuity line of Diamantina genetics relaunched

Botany Lane Greenhouse will provide the series as liner and pre-finished options, as part of the 2019 rebranding.


Botany Lane Greenhouse has announced it will provide the relaunched Ball Ingenuity Diamantina genetics as liner and pre-finished options.

Diamantina Dipladenia and Mandevilla genetics from Ball Ingenuity (formerly sold under the Summer Romance umbrella) are tropical bloomers with exceptional performance during hot weather.

Original Mandevilla genetics come from the Diamantina region of Brazil, known for diamond mining. French breeders are behind the Jade, Opal, Tourmaline, and Agate series of plants, and the 2019 rebranding marks a return to the plants’ roots, so to speak. The three new varieties are available in limited trial quantities.

Both bush and vining types from the Diamantina series bloom earlier than other Mandevilla/Dipladenia varieties and keep going when the mercury climbs. But the Diamantina series offers unique colors as well. Pepto pink Mandevillas might be a dime a dozen but only Diamantina offers a true vining yellow-flowering variety (Opal Yellow).

In 2020, the line is set to expand with orange-coral bicolor choices in both bush (Jade series) and vining (Opal series) and a deep fuchsia bush type to complement the pale pink Tourmaline Bush Pink that’s available now. Orange is a new frontier for these genetics, and Diamantina is the only range set to offer sunrise-colored Dipladena/Mandevilla flowers on the horizon.

Diamantinas thrive in warm days and temperate to cooler nights. This makes them superb for summers all over and a strong winter crop in frost free areas. To add the Diamantina series to your liner production, contact a Ball Seed sales representative. Here’s what’s available in liners shipping nationally along with pre-finished and finished plants shipping in the Western U.S.:

Bush types

Jade series

Exemplary branching habit and can be finished as quarts or larger pots.

  • Jade Red
  • Jade Pink
  • Jade White

Jade White

Tourmaline series

Non-vining mandevilla with enormous blooms. Grow in sizes ranging from 6-inch containers to solo large pots or mixed containers.


  • Tourmaline Pink
  • Tourmaline Intense Fuchsia


    Vining types

    Opal series

    The Opal series has a controlled vining habit that allows it to be enjoyed from mixed containers to hanging baskets and landscape uses.

  • Opal Red
  • Opal Merlot
  • Opal Pink
  • Opal Yellow (requires hand training)

    Agate series

    This is the bedrock of the Mandevilla offerings, offering the same vigorous Mandevilla habit that gardeners have come to enjoy, but with improved disease resistance and an earlier flowering time.

  • Agate Scarlet
  • Agate White