Ball Seed now offers supplier Quality Rating on WebTrack

Ball Seed now offers supplier Quality Rating on WebTrack

When customers are shopping on WebTrack, they can now see quality and order fill ratings measured 1-5, with five being the highest rating.

November 29, 2019

To enhance the shopping experience for its customers, Ball Seed has announced the launch of Quality Rating on WebTrack its online ordering and business management system. The new Quality Rating is based on several years of customer feedback from hundreds of thousands of Ball Seed shipments. This evaluation system joins the Order Fill Rating currently on WebTrack, which tracks how well a supplier has delivered what the customer has ordered.

Both the Quality and Order Fill Ratings are displayed with an icon (flower for Quality, star for Order Fill) as well as a numbered measurement (1-5, with five being the highest rating). The addition of color to the icons gives a clear visual reference during the ordering process, so customers can make an informed choice when making purchases.

Supplier evaluations are continuously gathered and updated quarterly so an accurate rate is produced each season. Ball Seed believes the Quality and Order Fill Ratings will be especially important with late purchases, when customers may need to buy from a less familiar source.

“Ball Seed is the only greenhouse distributor providing supplier ratings for both order fill and quality,” says Jim Kennedy, sales director for Ball Seed. “We are always looking out for our customers, and this enhanced rating system in WebTrack will build more confidence in their purchases.”