BASF introduces new broad-spectrum fungicide
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BASF introduces new broad-spectrum fungicide

Avelyo is a new fungicide for the greenhouse and nursery market.

Avelyo fungicide provides control of key diseases including powdery mildews, leaf spots, scab and soilborne diseases caused by Cylindrocladium spp. and Berkeleyomyces spp. (formerly Thielaviopsis spp.). This next-generation demethylation inhibitor (DMI) makes an exceptional rotation partner at any stage of the crop production cycle with no known injury on small plants or plants in flower, unlike other traditional DMI products currently on the market.

“As we continue to expand our solutions, we look for ways to add value for our growers,” said Liz Dunbar, Product Manager – Greenhouse & Nursery, BASF Corporation. “The plant safety of Avelyo fungicide gives growers another rotation partner to use from propagation to market ready plants.”

Avelyo fungicide also offers long-lasting residual activity and outstanding rainfastness within just one hour, making it a great option for outdoor nursery production where frequent rainfall is common.

Growers can learn more about Avelyo fungicide by contacting their local BASF representative.

BASF has introduced Avelyo fungicide for the greenhouse and nursery market. Avelyo fungicide is powered by the active ingredient mefentrifluconazole, providing commercial growers with broad-spectrum protection from difficult diseases with exceptional plant safety.