BioTherm celebrates 40 years of greenhouse efficiency

BioTherm celebrates 40 years of greenhouse efficiency

The company, which was first started by two teenagers, commemorates two scores in business.


BioTherm first started with two teenagers and a startup, and is celebrating their life’s work with a 40th anniversary.

“Our first invention was microclimate heating, and we really would have been happy if that took off from our little startup,” says Jim Rearden, co-founder. “We never dreamed that BioTherm – and the horticulture industry – would grow to what they are today.”

Today’s BioTherm encompasses Heating Systems (a full technology suite born from the original MicroClimate™ heating), plus new Hydro Sciences technology to control water temperature and infuse oxygen, as well as Optimized Air products for dehumidification, cooling and CO2 enrichment.

“It feels like yesterday we were just teenagers with what we thought was a great idea,” says Mike Muchow, co-founder. “Today we’re a little grayer, but no less enthusiastic about our new innovations and helping horticulture reach new levels of efficiency too.”

BioTherm has helped more than 5,000 growers in 50 states and 20 countries achieve high success rates and produce peak crops, whether new construction, major upgrades or retrofits. Their in-house engineers, project managers, CAD designers, technical specialists, sales

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