Blizzard damages greenhouses in the Northeast

Blizzard damages greenhouses in the Northeast

At least 44 operations in Connecticut reported damages to their houses.

February 19, 2013

Several greenhouses in the Northeast are dealing with damage caused by last week’s blizzard. The Connecticut Greenhouse Growers Association reported in its Feb. 15 e-newsletter that 44 companies/farms had reported that nearly 250 houses were either heavily damaged or completely destroyed.

In New York, an article reported that greenhouses at Van de Wetering Greenhouses and Ivy Acres, both owned by the Van de Wetering family, were damaged by the blizzard as well. Ivy Acres, owned by Jack Van de Wetering, had a half-acre section of a glass greenhouse collapse, and about 500 3- by 6-foot glass panes in another section also went down. A plastic greenhouse was also damaged, but the structure was able to be saved by workers who cut the plastic sheathing.

The Van de Wetering Greenhouses operation had the front section collapse. Owned by Peter Van de Wetering, Jack reported in the article that his brother will be out of business for three weeks. The full article can be read here.

There was another report of a greenhouse in Massachusetts that collapsed from the snow. Southwick Florist said it hopes to have the structure fixed by spring. 

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