Breeding consistency

Increasing Profits - Begonias

Bachman’s Justin Miller shares how Plantpeddler’s begonias have provided consistent sales for their operation.

August 19, 2021

Plantpeddler’s begonias are a consistent and reliable staple at Bachman’s.
Photo credit: Gary Portnoy, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

Justin Miller is the production and purchasing manager at Bachman’s Floral, Gift & Garden. Every year, the Minnesota-based florist encounters the challenges of the changing Midwest seasons. And yet, Bachman’s has found a plant that provides a consistent growing program for the whole year: begonias. Specifically, the begonia varieties from Plantpeddler.

Miller has partnered with Plantpeddler the entire time he’s worked at Bachman’s, and the young plant breeder has proven themselves to be reliable. Miller says that production and planning is always tough and that it involves a lot of guessing, but Plantpeddler makes it easier on him. He knows that Plantpeddler will always have what he’s looking for and will supply a constant flow of quality products. That can’t be said about a lot of other vendors, but Plantpeddler has never let Miller down.

While Bachman’s begonia sales are always consistently good, Miller has seen an increase in demand this year, and thus a subsequent increase in sales. With an increase in demand, one might expect a decrease in supply, as there can easily be fewer plants to go around, but that’s not the case with Plantpeddler’s begonias. While there are some plants that have had a decrease in supply this year, Plantpeddler has once again stood out as a reliable supplier by helping Bachman’s meet the high demand for begonias.

Miller expects that plant parent demand and sales will remain consistent next year. For Bachman’s Minnesota customers, begonias are a great choice because they add pops of color to their homes, which is especially important in the dark and gray winters. During those winters, white and red begonias are always popular, as they serve as a contrast to the looming gray skies outside their windows. But with gray winters come bright springs and summers, and the desire for bright and vibrant colors. Luckily for Bachman’s, Plantpeddler always has what they need every season.

However, when Bachman’s encounters customers who want the same color of begonias from season to season, Plantpeddler has them covered there, too, as there are several kinds of begonias that the supplier carries all year round. This unique aspect of Plantpeddler eliminates some guesswork for Miller, since he knows that anytime he wants one of those kinds of begonias, they’ll have them.

Consistency is hard to come by in this world, but Bachman’s has found a great deal of consistency in Plantpeddler’s begonias.