CAST 2022: Dümmen Orange

CAST 2022: Dümmen Orange

A focus on creating products that are pest and disease resistant, and more sustainable, are some of the efforts currently underway at the international breeder.


The Dümmen Orange CAST 2022 stop at Filipponi Ranch in San Luis Obispo kicked off our second day on the road checking out new varieties. Check out some of the introductions that caught our eye and see what's coming next.

Dümmen is introducing a new program of trendy foliage plants and succulents for the indoors. Welcome to the Jungle offers 50 varieties that are perfect for containers and baskets that will pique the interest of indoor gardeners looking to liven up their living spaces.

The stylish plant collection features tons of textures with trailing as well as upright options. There are many compact options as well. Noticing the indoor succulent garden trend, Dümmen Orange wanted to expand offerings.

The small plants are great for miniature gardens and terrariums. Many are available at retail now with more becoming available by the end of the year.

Varieties include Citrus Twist Peperomia obtipan, Nanouk Tradescantia, Mystifall Pilea glauca, Tortuga Tradescantia, Senecio String of Thai Dolphins, Peperomia Leap Frog, Sedum Jade Runner and Kalanchoe Silver Strand.

This superb branching of the new Mega Guinea series of New Guinea Impatiens features a bush-like growth habit and, most importantly, vigorous disease resistance. Growers like appreciate that they can fill large sized containers with only one liner, and the variety starts flowering early in April, so it’s a strong candidate for early season production.
Smartunia ‘Windmill Red’

Dümmen representatives were very jazzed about the new Smartunia series introduction. Eight solid color and bi-color choices round out the new series. The most notable characteristic for growers is the breeder’s proprietary Intrinsa breeding technology, which has imparted this series with remarkable Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) resistance. Available via URC from Dümmen's off-shore farm in El Salvador, keep an eye out for even more additions to this exciting new petunia series in the coming years.


For vibrant, summer color, consider Gaillardia Spintop. Dümmen introduced a new color to this series, Mango. The series is compact and well-branched, and it features early color that flowers all summer long. This first-year flowering perennial is from vegetative cuttings. It’s hardy in Zones 3-9 and offers heat and drought tolerance.

Gardeners can have lavender all year with the newest addition to the La Diva lineup: Imperial Early Lavender from Dümmen Orange. The premium landscape variety has more flower power and comes in earlier than other French lavenders on the market with good heat-tolerance for great performance.


Dümmen has entered the realm of flowering tropicals with a launch of the Hibiscus Caribbean Collection. Varieties were selected to be well-branched and floriferous, with flowers that last up to three days. They're well suited for 2.5- and 3-quart containers. There are six colors in this new collection.